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Minecraft: 5 Animals Worth Taming And How To Do It

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5 Animals Worth Taming And How To Do It 1

When playing Minecraft, taming animals always gives gamers a sense of accomplishment and lovely assistants. Invite you and to consider what are the 5 most useful animals in the game, as well as how to tame them in this article.

5 Animals Worth Taming And How To Do It 1

In addition to mining and crafting, Minecraft also gives gamers a lot of time for players to explore its terrible world, get acquainted with the lovely (or scary) creatures that appear in this world. While monsters are a source of experience points and materials, peaceful creatures such as horses, cats, dogs, etc. are effective assistants for players. In this article, wants to share with you the 5 most tame animals and how to do it.

Of course, taming these creatures was not a simple task. Usually, players will need the right items and a little luck to win an animal’s trust. Some are also quite difficult to find because they only appear in certain ecosystems. These Minecraft animal taming methods work on every version from PC to mobile.


One of the cutest predators in the world, the Axolotl (Mexican salamander) was added to the game by Mojang as a way to spread awareness about this near-extinct creature (they also appear in Genshin Impact). but temporarily useless). In the current Minecraft 1.18 build, the Mexican salamander appears in the dark waters of the underground Lush Cave.

Axolotl is predators that attack any marine animal except dolphins. When tamed, they are very useful allies against the ugly monsters inside the sea temples (Ocean Monument). You cannot tame axolotls, but you can scoop them into a bucket of water and carry them with you, then release them when needed. Be careful when encountering pufferfish because axolotl can take damage when attacking these extremely poisonous fish.


Unlike normal horses, bone horses are extremely rare and look very cool, helping to “solve the majesty” of gamers. Owning these creatures really makes gamers have to risk their lives because they only appear in thunderstorms and are often the mounts of archery bones. You need to kill these riders before you can tame the horse.

After their previous owner is dealt with, right-click the skeleton horse with your empty hand and jump on its back several times until little hearts appear on top of it. Aside from being a useful travel tool while waiting to find Elytra wings, skeleton horses are one of the coolest loots that can spawn in your home.

5 Animals Worth Taming And How To Do It 1


Often Minecraft gamers today carry around Shulker Boxes and Ender Chests to expand their inventory, but these are all quite hard to find. In the early game, llama is very useful: it gives gamers the ability to load in lots of rows, extremely useful on long trips to find resources.

To capture llama, gamers need to be careful because they have the ability to attack you by spitting. To tame a llama, you need to find them in savanna grasslands and hills. When approaching them, right-click on them with your bare hand and ride until they no longer kick and the little heart symbols appear.

Later, when you are rich and own many Shulker Boxes, the effect of llama will decrease but at this time, llama can be used for decoration, because they have beautiful colorful rugs on their backs.


Human ancestors have domesticated wolves into domestic dogs for thousands of years, but you can do this in just a few minutes in Minecraft. They are very common and also very easy to tame, but are extremely useful assistants for players. All forest types will usually have a pack of wolves roaming around, although snowy types have a higher chance of spawning wolves.

Wolves can be tamed using bones from bow-wielding monsters. You can feed wolves but they will not be tamed this way. To tame a wolf in Minecraft, feed a wolf a bone – each bone has a 33% chance of taming the animal. When little hearts appear on top of it, you have succeeded.

A pack of dogs can follow you and assist you when attacked by monsters, but pay attention to their tails: the lower the tail is, the lower the health of the animal, and you need to feed it meat to heal. . Wolves and dogs aren’t poisoned so you can even feed them rotten zombies, but this doesn’t seem like a good way to treat these gods!

5 Animals Worth Taming And How To Do It 1


Cats are extremely useful in Minecraft. While not actively helping players fight or gather resources, cats are the best way to keep obnoxious Creeper monsters away from important locations like outdoor rice fields, chests containing tons of ingredients, Or the building you worked so hard to build. Anyone who has ever played Minecraft must have been a victim of Creeper and therefore know how powerful the big cats can be.

There are two ways to own cats in current Minecraft. The first way is to bring fresh fish into the forest to find Ocelot. When you encounter them, you need to hold the fish in your hand and approach them very slowly (hold the Shift button if it is the PC version). If you do it right, the animal will come close to you and now you just have to feed. When the heart appears, it has been tamed into a domestic cat and will never run away again.

The second way recently launched by Mojang is to adopt cats of witches (appears in Swamp Hut – swamp huts) or villagers. The rule is that for every 4 beds where the villagers sleep, 1 cat will appear, up to a maximum of 5. The way to tame these feral cats is the same as Ocelot, ie you need to bring fish.


Those are the 5 animals that thinks are the most useful in Minecraft and how to tame them. Which of these do you prefer to use? Do you disagree with us? If you have something you want to share, please leave a comment at the end of this article so that MODDER.ME and other readers know!



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