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Apps Without Icon, Need Uninstall Them?

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Apps Without Icon

Apps without Icons And also they not Visible in your device?

Always Remember This types of Apps only Targets to Show ads and collects your data or transfers. Also They are like tarjons or Spyware too.

-If you download any Apps/Games without icons then don’t install them blindly. Check them before install for few seconds.
-If You install accidentally then open settings and open installed apps list and then check all apps. and if you found any apps which is suspicious or no icons then uninstall them.

Apps Without Icon

Why Some Websites Spread them?

Because some websites put those Virus apps in their site to get some extra money from that virus apps owners.
Mostly They only triggers victim’s to Show ads in phone to get ads Money and some apps have payload or tarjons etc..
EX: If you see ads in your phone without Opening any apps or games then you’re device is infected by that virus app. so uninstall it from settings/installed apps.

Also Some websites Pushes dangerous ads in their website and scams users.

EX: You won lottery and if u click it it redirects to phonepe/google pe/PayPal and u see some money and u click your password and your money will be looted by them .. they put a request links and blindly or with curiosity u click them..
so beaware of them.

So If if any website which spreads those virus apps then don’t use them..

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