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Monster Hunter World Best Mods (2022)

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Monster Hunter World Best Mods

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – Utilities, visual and graphics, user interface and much more Mods are waiting for you…

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – Stracker’s Loader Mod

Restores full nativePC functionality.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – Performance Booster And Plugin Extender Mod

Improves the game performance by removing swathes of extremely unoptimized code that is ultimately irrelevant to the game functioning. Also enables more advanced plugins to run properly.

Download Performance Booster And Plugin Extender Mod > here

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – Souvenir’s Light Pillar Mod

It lights up the souvenirs for making them easier to find.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – An Overlay That Shows Lots and Lots of Staff Mod

Shows EndemicLife/Monsters Behavior/Size/HP/Stamina/Rage/Crown/Status/PartHP, TeamDamage, TrainingDummyDamage, BuffTimer, MapTimer. Press F5 to send team damage to chat window.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – SmartHunter Overlay Mod

Displays monster health, parts, status effects, crown, team damage, player buffs/debuffs, equipment/weapon buffs. Open source, localizable, and skinnable.

A complete overlay for Monster Hunter: World on PC. Features include:

  • Monster widget – name, health, parts, status effect buildup, and crown.
  • Team widget – name and damage meters.
  • Player widget – buff, debuff, and equipment/mantle timers.
  • Skinnable – create and distribute your own rich styles and animations with XAML.
  • Easy localization – create and distribute your own translations for our international friends.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – MHW Transmog Mod

A mod that allows you to hot swap your appearance with any armor of your choice. Visible to other players!

As with any mod for games that don’t support mods. This is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – Cuter Handler Face Model (Post-Iceborne) Aka Make Handler Cuter Again Mod

Cuter Handler face and hair models. Optional textures. For post-Iceborne. Now supports all costumes.

I decided to upload this as a separate file, primarily for visibility, and less confusion. It’s also a little different, because it doesn’t have the eye color change, and I’ve changed the file setup a little.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – All Items In Shop (With DLC Support) Mod

Adds ALL the items in the game to the shop.


  • Version 2.1.1
    • Fixed an issue a small number of users faced when extracting the zip file without WinRAR or 7zip, which in some cases resulted in the game not loading.
  • Version 2.1.0
    • Fixed issue where Handicraft jewels and some other items were missing.
  • Version 2.0
    • Added free content update support, and theoretical unvalidated Iceborne support.
  • Version 1.0
    • Initial upload.

Monster Hunter World Best Mods – Cuter Handler Face Model Mod

Cuter Handler face model. Includes longer front bangs hair model, lighter hair textures, and dark gold base eye color.

All Items In Shop For Iceborne Mod

Adds all items in the game to the shops. Read instructions before use.

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator For Iceborn (Hi-Res) Mod

A MOD that indicates the monster’s property weakness.

Copy nativePC to the base folder of wherever you have MHW installed

Sorted Shop (All Items) Mod

Adds all items to the shop but separated in files to have a more sorted assortment.
Iceborne compatible.


  • Version 2.1.2
    • Added new missing Guiding Lands materials for the new area.
  • Version 2.1
    • Iceborne DLC Monster Materials (Rajang) (added)
    • missing Warming Jewel 2 (added)
    • new tickets: Black Eagle Blueprint, Wiggler Pot, S.T.A.R.S. Badge (added)
  • Version 2.0
    • Updated for Iceborne.
    • Added all new items.
    • Added old missing items such as Nergigante Ticket and The Witcher collab items.
  • Version 1.13
    • Added new items ‘Senu’s Feather’, ‘Incandescent Weapon’ and ‘Kulve Taroth Emperor Nugget’ to the Utilities List.
  • Version 1.12
    • Added new items ‘Appreciation Ticket’, ‘Appreciation Fireworks’, ‘Fifth Fleet Ticket’, ‘Faux Ticket III’, ‘Beetle Ticket’ to the Utilities List.
    • Removed “unnecessary” items ‘Ration’, ‘Rolled-up Dung’, ‘Burst Arowana Scale’, ‘Bomb Arowana Scale’, ‘Aloy Ticket’ due to lack of use and needed space in the file for new items.
  • Version 1.11
    • Removed ‘Hex’s Golden Ticket’ since it is not needed anymore.
    • Fixed more text issues.
  • Version 1.10
    • Added missing item ‘Chillshroom’ to the Utilities List.
    • Added new items ‘Azure Star Shard’, ‘Azure Stargem’, ‘Winter Star Ticket’, ‘Star Fireworks’, ‘Zorah Magdaros Ticket’, ‘Xeno’jiiva Ticket’, ‘Lunastra Ticket’, ‘Aloy Ticket’, ‘Bristly Crake Ticket’, ‘Faux Ticket II’ to the Utilities List.
    • Fixed various text issues.
  • Version 1.03
    • Added missing items ‘Faux Ticket’ and ‘Glamour Prism’ to the Utilities List.
  • Version 1.02
    • Added missing item ‘Red Orb’ from the DMC Collaboration to the Utilities list
  • Version 1.01
    • Added missing items ‘Tailraider Voucher’ and ‘Gajalaka Sketch’ to the Utilities List.

MHW Costume Armor (Transmog) Mod

Swap the visuals of your armor to any other you like while keeping the stats
Changes can be seen by others online

MHW Mod Manager

A simple to use (hopefully) robust generic mod management tool for managing the files installed by mod archives.
Works well with rise too.

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