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NBA 2023 Badges Guide

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NBA 2023 Badges Guide

NBA 2k23 Badges Guide – Finishing Badges, Shooting Badges, Playmaking Badges, Defense Badges – All the badges and their boosts…

NBA 2k23 Badges – Finishing Badges

These are all the Finishing Badges and their Boosts explained badge:

NBA 2023 Badges Guide

  • Aerial Wizardbadge: Successfully Complete the Alley-oops and the putbacks
  • Acrobatbadge: Boosts ability to make high difficulty layups
  • Backdown Punisherbadge: Successfully backdown an opponent
  • Bullybadge: Finish off strong bulldozing through traffic like Giannis and Lebron
  • Dream Shakebadge: Increased chances of defender bite in when doing fakes inside the post
  • Dropstepperbadge: Effectively use dropsteps in the past
  • Fast Twitchbadge: Faster ability to get more standing layups or dunks off before the defense ha got a chance to contest it
  • Fearless Finisherbadge: Decreases fatigue and boosts up contact layups
  • Giant Slayerbadge: Increases effectiveness of contact layups while decreasing fatigue
  • Grace underPressure badge: Boosting Standing shots near the basket
  • Hook Specialistbadge: Boosts the hook shot ability
  • Limitless Takeoverbadge: Player start dunk or layup gather from a distance when attacking
  • Lob CityFinisher badge: Increased chances of completing a successful alley-oop dunk/layup
  • Masherbadge: Increases the ability to finish inside the layups over the defenders
  • Mouse in the Housebadge: More chances of finishing when attacking a smalller defender
  • Post-SpinTechnician badge: Effectively improve for post spin or drive to work abilities
  • Posterizerbadge: Increases the chances of posterizing the opponent
  • Pro Touchbadge: Boost for good layup timing and aiming
  • Putback  Bossbadge: Increases the shot percentage when after an offensive rebound you are attempting a putback
  • Rise upbadge: Chances of dunking the ball when standing inside the painted area
  • Slitherybadge: Easier movement through traffic without collissions and strips
  • Tear Dropperbadge: Avoid contact when attacking the rim
  • Unstrippablebadge: When the baskets are reduced there are chances to get stripped.

NBA 2k23 Badges – Shooting Badges

These are all the Shooting Badges and their Boosts explained badge:

  • Agent 3 badge: You can hit 3PT shots off the dribble
  • Amped badge: Reduces the penalty shooting attributes when tired or when moving before shooting
  • Blindersbadge: You will be less affected by the defenders when shooting the jumpers
  • Catch and Shootbadge: Increased chances of hitting three-pointer immediately after a watch circus
  • Circus Threesbadge: Improved abilities to hit pull up and stepback 3s
  • Claymorebadge: Increases your shooter’s ability to knock down catch and directly shoot jumpers as long as they are still before shooting
  • Clutch Shooterbadge: Knock down shots in clutch moments increases
  • Comeback Kidbadge: Can shoot perimeter jumps when losing in a game
  • Corner Specialistbadge: Corner shots gets boosted
  • Deadeyebadge: Jump shots receive less penalty when taken with a defender closing out from a shot contest
  • Difficult Shotsbadge: Can shoot difficult shots from the mid-range off the dribble
  • Fade Acebadge: Can shoot post fades
  • Green Machinebadge: Bonus increases for excellent releases
  • Hand DownMan Down badge: Outside shooter gets more deadlier when the opponent fails to get the hand in the face
  • Limitless Rangebadge: Shooters are more effective within any shot within 3PT range and this is one of the older badges returned in NBA 2K23.
  • Rhythm Shooterbadge: The Rhythm shooter boost % out of size up along with 1 step pull up as well
  • Slippery off ballbadge: Players ability to get open off the ball strengthens up
  • Space Creatorbadge: Earlier a Playmaking badge, but now it also features the ability to hit the step back jumpers and the hop shots which will cause the defenders to stumble
  • Stop and Popbadge: Boosts up the shot ratings on standing still three points especially after dribbling
  • Volume Shooterbadge: Increases the shot percentage as the shot attempts arise throughout the game.

NBA 2k23 Badges – Playmaking Badges

These are all the Playmaking Badges and their Boosts explained badge:

  • Ankle Breakerbadge: Freezing and dropping a defender during the dribbling moves
  • Ball Outbadge: Successfully complete a pass from mid-air
  • Break Starterbadge: Successful ability to make an effective out pass after a rebound
  • Clamp Breakerbadge: It is a anti clamp where the ball handler will have chances of winning more 1 to 1 body bump collisions
  • Dimerbadge: Boosts the percentage for an open team mate for jump shots after catching the pass
  • Floor Generalbadge: You will receive an offensive bonus when you are in the game
  • Handles for Daysbadge: Reduces energy loss when performing dribbles
  • Hyperdrivebadge: It increases the total speed at which a player can do moving dribbles when attacking down the court
  • Killer Combosbadge: Increases effectiveness of a dribble with size up dribble moves
  • Mismatch Expertbadge: It is earlier a shooting but now it has the ability to break taller defenders with shorter guards during 1 on 1
  • Needle Threaderbadge: Increased chances that passes can get by the defense
  • Post Playmakerbadge: Recievers will get a shot boost when passed out of the post
  • Quick Chainbadge: A series of moves when sizing up the other player
  • Quick First Stepbadge: Quicker and more more ball handles and launches after size up or driving up a triple threat
  • Space Creatorbadge: Improves ability to create space from a defender
  • Special Deliverybadge: Boosts the takeover progress for both the reciever and passer during a flashy pass assist
  • Triple Threat Jukebadge: It speeds up the triple threat moves when blown by a defender
  • Unpluckablebadge: Less chance of getting stripped by a defender
  • Vice Gripbadge: After rebound, catch or picking up the ball, it improves ball security.

Defense Badges

These are all the Defense Badges and their Boosts explained badge:

  • Anchorbadge: It is an essential badge for the last line of defence as it improves blocking and contest shots
  • Ankle Bracesbadge: Reduced cross over chances
  • Ball Stripperbadge: Increased chances of stealing when attempting to strip a dunk or layup nearby the basket
  • Boxbadge: Can box out opponents in an anticipation of a rebound
  • BoxoutBeast badge: Can help win box battles from both the offensive and defensive rebounding situations
  • Brick Wallbadge: It increases the effectiveness of the screen by draining the energy from your opponent
  • Challengerbadge: It improves the impact of the perimeter shot
  • Chase Down Artistbadge: It boosts up the speed and the leaping ability when chased by the offensive player in anticipation of a block
  • Clampsbadge: Helps stay in front of the ball handler inside the perimeter
  • Clutch Defenderbadge: Improves Defensive Ratings during Clutch
  • Glovebadge: Helps you strips the players as they gather for shots and frees the ball from the handlers. Named after Gary Payton, a legendary defender.
  • Hustlerbadge: Improves ability to beat loose balls
  • Interceptorbadge: Get more steals in passing lanes
  • Intimidatorbadge: Opponents will have less shooting success when contested by the other players with the badge
  • Menacebadge: When you are in the front of the opponent, their attributes will drop if you have a good defensive play.
  • Off-Ball Pestbadge: Improves the ability to bump and harass the offence off the ball
  • Pick Dodgerbadge: Can help navigating through the screens effectively on the defense
  • Pick Pocketbadge: Can steal the ball from a handler easily
  • Pogo Stickbadge: Quickly recover for another jump when landed
  • Post Lockdownbadge: Can defend post backdowns and moves as well
  • Rebound Chaserbadge: Can track down the rebounds from far off distances
  • Rim Protectorbadge: Reduce the chance of getting dunked while unlocks a special block animation
  • Tireless Defenderbadge: It completely reduces the energy loss while you are exerting the effort on the defense
  • Work Horsebadge: This badge helps you boost your ability to hustle 50/50 balls while performing solid defense without getting tired
  • Wormbadge: The Rebounders will have more success when swimming around and getting into a rebound position

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