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Psychic Spectacular event Pokemon Go – September 2022

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Psychic Spectacular event Pokemon Go

Psychic Spectacular event Pokemon Go – September 2022. Mega-Alakazam and psychic-type Pokemon, discover everything related to this event, stay tuned…

Psychic Spectacular event Pokemon Go

From Tuesday, September 6 (10:00 am local time) to Monday, September 12 (8:00 pm local time). We will have the opportunity to get the bug catcher badge, in addition to catching Mega-Alakazam in mega raids. We will be able to have surprise encounters when we take a photo during the event.


  • Mega-Alakazam *


Caught in raid or evolved from Kadabra, the Pokemon Alakazam will learn Charged Attack Psychic

  • Psychic
  • Trainer Battles: 90 Power and a chance to lower the opposing Pokémon’s Defense
  • Gyms and raids: 90 Power

Timed Research

Focused on Curveball Throws will be available throughout the event! Complete the research to earn multiple encounters with Elgyem.

GO Battle League: Season of Light

Psychic Cup

Pokémon must be at or below 1,500 CP, Only Psychic-type Pokémon will be eligible. Mew will be not allowed.

Deoxys Raid Day

Sunday, September 11 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local time)

  • Deoxys appears more frequently in raids
  • 5 additional raid passes
  • Increased chance of finding a Shiny Deoxys

Psychic Spectacular event Pokemon Go – Raids, Pokemon & Eggs

Catch as many psychic Pokemon as you can in this event, if you are a fan of psychic Pokemon this event will be the best you have ever played!

Wild encounters

Frequent Pokemon, with a high encounter rate:

  • Abra*
  • Slowpoke*
  • Drowzee*
  • Natu*
  • Ralts*
  • Spoink*
  • Munna
  • Woobat*
  • Gothita
  • Solosis
  • Elgyem*

Rare Pokemon, with a low encounter rate:

  • Kadabra
  • Kirlia

Symbol * = may have a shiny encounter


  • 1 Star 
    • 1 Unown E
    • 2 Unown P
    • 3 Unown S
    • Espurr*
  • 3 Stars
    • Alolan Raichu*
    • Wobbuffet*
    • Girafarig*
    • Oranguru
  • 5 Stars
    • Normal Forme Deoxys*
    • Attack Forme Deoxys*
    • Defense Forme Deoxys*
    • Speed Forme Deoxys*
  • MegaRaids
    • Mega-Alakazam *

Symbol * = may have a shiny encounter

Field Research task encounters

  • Baltoy
  • Chimecho*
  • Elgyem*
  • Hypno


  • Huevos de 7 km.
  • Smoochum*
  • Wynaut*
  • Chingling

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