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Timberborn Water Wheel Guide

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Timberborn Water Wheel Guide

Timberborn Water Wheel Guide – Dimensions, Recipe, best spots, and Tips & Tricks if Water Wheel not working properly…

Timberborn Water Wheel Guide – Intro

Buildings called water wheels generate the necessary power for other structures. The Water Wheel was shared by both factions prior to Update 1, however the Iron Teeth later acquired the Compact and Large Water Wheels, making the Water Wheel exclusive to Folktails.

  • Dimensions – 3×2, Height: 4
  • Recipe – 90 hp /cms
  • Cost – x50 Logs

The really interesting thing comes next, how to optimize the performance of your water wheel

Timberborn Water Wheel Guide – Tips & Tricks

We have found numerous doubts regarding the operation of the Water Wheel, and many complaints saying that the Water Wheel did not work. But it is not a bug, and it works perfectly, you just have to take into account the following.

  • Make sure the water is flowing freely through the water wheel and avoid partially obstructingeither the water input or outlet.
  • The water wheel can produce electricity in waters as low as 2 metersbecause of its 3×2 size. The water wheel will become swamped and stop producing electricity if the water level rises above 2 meters.
  • When positioned in water with a strong current, the water wheel will generate the greatest energy. Finding waves in the riveris the easiest technique to find the ideal location.
  • The water wheel won’t flood the area if it is positioned at the base of a waterfall, which will provide power. The power production will depend on how much water is falling.
  • Build your water wheels separatelyfrom one another. It is preferable to thoroughly inspect the river first to identify the areas with the highest current before joining them with shafts or using stream gauges and waiting for the results.
  • When the water wheel is situated a fair distance from your workshops, shaftsmust be used to connect the two.
  • stream gaugeis located in the tab with the water icon. This structure tracks water flow and shows you where the water current is greatest.

Video Guide

In case you prefer, we leave you a gameplay of DerHouy, so you can see where exactly you should place your Water Wheel, and how to take advantage of the Rios: Beavers of the future have millennia of experience in water engineering. Put up dams and floodgates, dig canals with explosives, and redirect rivers to bring life back to the wasteland. Just be careful with that dynamite. In addition to other interesting questions, related to the Lumbermill and the Forester.

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