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Dragon Age Origins Best Mods (2022)

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Dragon Age Origins Best Mods

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Face and Hair, Models and Textures, Gameplay, Utilities and other interesting MODS!

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Dragon Age Redesigned Mod

This is the continuation of Dragon Age Redesigned.

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Natural Bodies All In One Mod

NewByPower’s “Natural Bodies” with all the “Natural Bodies” based mods as a package with override option to easily configure options after installation for the DAO Modmanager

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Extra Dog Slot Mod

Allows you to make your pet mabari war dog a permanent 5th travelling companion.

This mod allows the dog to tag along with the PC for most of the game as a
fifth companion residing in the top-most available summon slot. (summon slots
are mini-portraits that reside to the right of each NPC portrait.)

When presented with a party selection screen, if you do not choose the dog as
one of your 4 primary companions, he will automatically appear next to the PC
as a fifth companion after the selection screen goes away.

When present as a 5th party member, you can tell the dog to leave or call him
back by using a new Dog Whistle item which will appear in your inventory after
you aquire the dog as a companion.

While the mini-slot is normally used for summoned creatures, this mod manages
the slot so that the dog is a full blown party member and not a simple summon.
All dialog options, banter and special events and abilities involving the dog
will still work.

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – More Hairstyles Mod


– v0.51 : added Jinx’s “Don’t worry Be hairy” conversion to the CC, tintable. Added one new hair for males of all races, based loosely on the warden’s hair from the Sacred Ashes trailer.

– v0.5: fixed a couple of styles, added most to dwarven females

– v0.4: fixed ef_har_ren11, added 1 style to human males, 3 to human females, and 17 to elven males.

– v0.3 : finished the elven female styles. A few more styles for human females.

– v0.24: couple more hairstyles for elves and dwarves

– v0.22a: small update that should fix a few problems with the newest hairstyles

– v0.22: added Duncan’s hair with and without earring to human males, and without earring to elven males. Added one style for human females, and three to elven females.

– v0.21: fixed the Lady’s texture, added a couple more hairstyles for elven females.

– v0.2: added all 15 hairstyles to human males. Added one hairstyle to elven males, four to elven females and two to dwarven females.

– v0.17: more texture and model work, added an alternate Lady of the Forest retexture and a shorter version. I think all hairstyles look pretty good now, with the exception of 1 or 2. I’ll start adding them to other races/genders in next updates.

– v0.16a: fixed the bug that made some NPCs have their hair replaced. Smoothed a few ponytail rigging.

– v0.16: texture and UVs are updated for a few models (see screenshot), hair#3 became at least decent, and one new hairstyle is available for human men.

– v0.15: first Ren hairstyle is a little better and available for all races and genres (only this one). Nothing else is changed.

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – No Helmet Hack 1_6 Mod

This hack removes the helmet graphic from party members by placing helmets in the invisible \”cloak\” equipment slot. Item Sets fixed. Awakenings compliant.

This module hides helmets from view by placing helmets in the cloak slot. Each character maintains their own visibility setting. The helmets are visible on the inventory paperdoll for comparison and easy swapping. Item sets function normally.

NEW: Edited some origin scripts to make various dwarven quests accept helmets in cloak slots. A “Light Armor uses Dex” compatibility override is added.

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – DAO-ModManager Mod

This is a Modmanager for Dragon Age and daupdater Replacement It manages the *. dazip, overrid\’s and screenshots

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – JB3Textures Mod

BioWare released Dragon Age: Origins recently, but many textures throughout the game are noticeably low-resolution. This texture package gives the game new, resized textures (Using fractal method, fake HDR and my own photoshop methods) and many textures are reworked. With JBtextures, the world of Dragon Age: Origins will look significantly more detailed!

Much better and sharpen textures!

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Improved Atmosphere Mod

Greatly improves ambient NPC behavior; adds hundreds of new items and then equips most NPCs with them in an attempt to improve immersion; adds new ways to handle certain situations; recreates cut content; fixes many vanilla bugs; adds dozens of new color tints… and much more. Most additions and changes are optional.

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Grey Wardens Of Ferelden Mod

This mod will give you DA2 style Grey Warden armors and weapons for DA:O. This mod also changes the appearances of all Grey Warden NPCs into wearing a uniform Grey Warden armors.

  • Version 2.5
    • Added the Blighted Grey Warden Commander Armor set.
    • Added Ruck merchant to sell the blighted armor set with infinite number.
    • Changed Sophia’s dryden equipment to wear the blighted armor set, fully dropabble along with the vanilla Grey Warden Commander armor and shield.
    • Reduced all Armor and weapons into Tier 1 with evolving materials based on your level. You may sell and rebuy them to/from merchants to upgrade the material tier.
  • Version 2.0
    • Added Wade and Herren’s shop to sell the warden armors and weapons in Vigil’s Keep in Awakening.
    • Set the number of stack of items sold by Mikhael Dryden’s shop in Soldier’s Peak as well as Wade and Herren’s shop in Vigil’s Keep in Awakening to have infinite 99x stack of each item.

Morrigan Restoration Patch Mod

This restores several missing and fully voiced scenes to the game relating to Morrigan in addition to fixing innumerable issues with various parts of her dialogue not triggering correctly.

Skip The Fade Mod

This mod gives you the option to skip the Fade.

This mod is intended for everyone who like me hates the Fade. I always had problems finding a way out of this labyrinth, so I created this mod (partly also because of a request in the forums).
When you defeat Duncan and use the pedestal, you will be teleported to each of your companion’s nightmares. If all companions are rescued, just click on the pedestal and you will be teleported to the Sloth Demon. From there on all will proceed as usual: kill the Sloth Demon, Neil appears and you are teleported back to the Circle Tower.

Pineapple Trees Vibrant Colors Mod

This adds 48 new hair & eyebrow colors, 40 new skin tones and 30 new eye colors to the Character Creator and replaces the 11 eye colors originally shipped with DA:O.

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