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Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods (2022)

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Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – Visuals, characters and outfits, utilities, weapons and more!

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – Fluffy Manager 5000 Mod

A mod manager making it possible to install mods for Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – Jill Valentine BattleSuit Costume Mod

This mod adds the Battlesuit outfit for Jill like the one she wore in Resident Evil 5.

Update 2.0

Improvements of version 2.0:

– Improvements in the textures and reflections of the suit.
– Added damage and torn clothing after the second half of the game
– Jill at the beginning of the game is in underwear, this allows to maintain the transformation of zombie.
– Correct functioning of infected Jill
– Added two additional colors

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – Special Animation For Jill Mod

Gives Jill some attractive new idle and movement animations

The animations in this pack replace Jill’s default idle animation and replace her handgun movement animations. The mod is structured like addons to keep everything organized, but really each mod is stand-alone.

There can only be one idle animation for unarmed+knife and one idle animation for the pistol. If you use an idle animation for the pistol, Jill will also be made to carry the pistol one-handed all the time (except when aiming)

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – RE3 Inmersion Reshade Mod

The most downloaded and highly rated ReShade version of Resident Evil 2 is here with an exclusive and improved version for Resident Evil 3!

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – Jill In Black Mod

Jill in Black provides numerous customizing options for Jill’s default outfit like changing colors and clothing materials, removal of Jill’s undershirt, removal of accessoires like the police badge, gloves, brace, etc…. This mods has its own Files Selection Menu that assists you with all customizing options.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Best Mods – Casual Jacket For Jill Mod

Adds a jacket to Jill’s default outfit! Made In Heaven, Let Me Live and S.T.A.R.S. variants.

Jill Sexy Gothic (NoN – RT)

Jill As Sexy Goth, replaces default outfit. Optional files: Black or White Hair, No Stockings, No Panty, Without Tattoo, JSG ReShade and others

Long Hair For Jill Mod

Replaces Jill’s “Project Alice” type hairstyle into a differently styled bob cut. One that I like more than the default hairstyle.

Jill Resistance Costume Pack Mod

Adds in all of jills costumes from REsistance

Replacements For CQBR Assault Rifle Mod

This is a mod that replaces CBQR AR with other model of Assault Rifles or any other guns. No sound and damage modifier is included.

Samurai Edge Custom Mod

A custom Samurai Edge with working custom parts including a laser sight, that replaces the G19 handgun, the Infinite MUP handgun, or Jill’s Samurai Edge.

Jill Lady Hunk Mod

Jill as Lady HUNK, replaces Classic costume

Tiffa FFVII Mod

just doing the god works credit to alphazomega. You can instal this mode by using fluffy mode 5000.

2B Or 2P With Skirt And Gear And Virtuous Contract Mod

replace Jill with 2B or 2P with Skirt, gear and Virtuous Contract replacing the knife


  • Version 1.2B
    • Nexus release

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