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Mysterious Incense Daily Adventure Incense – September 2022 Pokemon Go

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Mysterious Incense Daily Adventure Incense

Mysterious Incense Daily Adventure Incense – September 2022 Pokemon Go. Introduction to incense, questions and answers about incense and help your questions!

Mysterious Incense Daily Adventure Incense

As all Pokemon Go players already know, the mysterious incense that Niantic referred to in one of his announcements weeks ago was the famous daily adventure incense. For users who have not used it yet or who want more information about the daily adventure incense, this incense is free and can be activated once a day, basically once every 24 hours, depending on the time you activate the incense. incense.

The mysterious incense that Niantic published, as we mentioned, ended up becoming the daily adventure incense, but what is the benefit of activating the incense? This incense will allow you to have encounters with Pokemon that are not usual within Pokemon Go, so it is possible that you can catch an exceptionally rare Pokemon, but it also has something really incredible, the power to attract legendary Pokemon from Galar, such as: Articuno of Galar, Zapdos of Galar and Moltres of Galar.

Why don’t I have a daily adventure incense yet?

Try it or in a few days to see if it’s available.

After completing my specific research on this incense, I have not received the incense.

Please restart your Pokémon GO app and check the package again as other players with the same issue found this solution helpful. As long as you have one, you should see a Daily Quest Incense icon in the top right corner of your screen.

I haven’t used my Adventure Daily Incense and I can’t activate it.

Since you can only have one Daily Adventure Incense in your pack at a time, you will not be able to use it if the duration matches another incense already active. It is not available between 23:45 and 00:00 local time.

I caught 10 Pokemon, but didn’t count them in the “Use Daily Adventure Incense to Catch 10 Pokemon” quest.

Make sure to catch the Pokémon that appeals to you to complete the quest with the Daily Adventure Incense. These Pokemon appear on the map with a blue swirl effect with a small blue incense icon above the CP Pokemon on the capture screen.

I use incense, but it doesn’t count towards the “1 adventurer incense per day” goal.

Make sure you complete the quest with the incense. You can see the incense in your bag or press the icon in the upper right corner of the map when it is visible. There is no point in using the normal green incense to complete the quest.

I don’t think the daily adventure incense will attract any Pokemon.

Movement is essential to attract Pokémon when you activate Daily Adventure Incense. Try to explore a larger room and you will definitely see Pokémon.

I had the opportunity to participate in an encounter with the legendary Pokémon Articuno de Galar, Zapdos de Galar and Moltres de Galar, but they escaped after the initial launch.

How interesting! You have found the legendary Pokémon Articuno de Galar, Zapdos de Galar and Moltres de Galar in the wild! Although these Mysterious Pokémon may be attracted to Incense, they are difficult to catch. Try things like Razz Berries to increase your chances of catching them. Hopefully tomorrow you’ll receive another Daily Adventure Incense and run into these Legendary Pokémon again on your adventures.

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