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Girls Connect Stoy Idle RPG

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Girls Connect Stoy Idle RPG

Girls Connect Stoy Idle RPG  – The complete history of your favorite game! Gods and dark forces await you!

Girls Connect Stoy Idle RPG – Main Story

It tells the distant story of Girls Connect, as the war between gods, demigods and dark forces destroyed everything that was alive on the surface of the kingdom. A singular nuance was characteristic in all the wars of Girls Connect in the epic land of Eileen and that was that the wars were only represented by attractive and seductive warriors.

As you can see within the game, the ancient divine wars ended up ending, with a negative result for the gods, who lost the war and were imprisoned by the dark forces, which rose with force and behemence. From among the ashes and rubble formed by the different battles, a Commander resurfaced, who explored all the epic lands of Eileen, (the commander is represented by the player when playing Girls Connect), said commander embarked on a crusade without truce to return lost ground to the gods, is an incredible adventure. Isolated and with little force this Hero would meet an innumerable number of attractive and beautiful girls as well as warriors, he was in charge of gathering them to build the legion of powerful girls.

Forming an army of girls with completely different abilities and peculiarities, combining their abilities with each other, to form powerful teams, explore new places and recover the famous relics of the ancient civilization so that the gods can restore peace in the world.

About Girls Connect Stoy Idle RPG

The gods were overthrown in the end of the old divine warfare, and dark forces arose. You will explore the legendary Land of Eileen in your role as the Mercenary’s Commander, set out on an incredible journey, and meet and recruit a variety of stunning women to create the strongest girl legion.

Deep RPG Features

Collect Me, Connect Me!

  • Build the strongest girl legion by gathering strong waifu girls, strengthening your relationship with the heroes, and training 70+ different heroines!
  • Give gifts to deepen connection and savor tender shy moments!

Evolving Strategic Freedom

  • Light, Darkness, Water, Wind, and Fire!
  • Shock, Curse, Freeze, Burn, Poison, Drain Rage…
  • Use a variety of characters and skills to unleash devastating special abilities!
  • With each turn, adjust and improve your plan as you put together your ultimate team of combatants.

Experience Hassle-Free Autoplay

  • Multiple battlegrounds can engage in simultaneous combat throughout the game. Stop holding out!
  • Gacha role-playing video games shouldn’t be tedious. Just take pleasure in the idle pastime and earning rewards!

Level Sync & Easy Train

  • The hero reset function allows you to reclaim all of your resources. No need to be concerned about material waste!

Voiced by Famous Japanese CV

  • All attractive girls are brought to life by Akari Kit,Rie Kugimiya, Aoi Yuki, Sakura Tange, Yuka Iguchi, Suzuko Mimori, Ayane Sakura…and more star voice actors!
  • Full engaging plot and beautifully animated visuals with smooth sound! Being among the gals is never dull!

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