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Girls Connect Hero Utega Guide Girls Connect Idle RPG

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Girls Connect Hero Utega Guide Girls Connect Idle RPG

Girls Connect Hero Utega Guide – All information about Girl Hero Utega, everything you need to know about this heroine Utega.

Girls Connect Hero Utega Guide – Info

Utega is the Doomsday Witch of the main Poison natural element of the Land of Eileen, It is so easy to play with the Heroine Utega in Girls’ Connect Idle RPG

Skill – Force Outburst

Utega summons a magic circle that knocks back affected enemies and deals damage equal to 1000% of Attack in total. The damage is equally shared by all the affected enemies, and the damage dealt to each enemy is limited to 1000% of Utega’s Attack. In addition, each affected enemy takes additional damage equal to 5% of their max HP (up to 200% of Utega’s Attack).

More Info about Hero Utega

  • Big & Sexy Utega image> Click in Link
  • Category: UR
  • Doomsday Witch
  • Mage / Poison Attack
  • Burst Damage

In one such ruin beneath the ground, a girl awoke from a deep slumber. She looked about her unfamiliar surroundings. “Divinity Project. Model 14301. Designation: Utega. Status: No mission command uploaded.” Divinity Project? What was that? Utega… she felt sure that must be her name and decided that was what she would call herself. Then there was her status: No mission command uploaded. Was she created to carry out some kind of mission? She examined her body but didn’t find anything that could be inserted. She let it go for now.

About Girls Connect Hero Utega Guide

The gods were overthrown in the end of the old divine warfare, and dark forces arose. You will explore the legendary Land of Eileen in your role as the Mercenary’s Commander, set out on an incredible journey, and meet and recruit a variety of stunning women to create the strongest girl legion.

Deep RPG Features

Collect Me, Connect Me!

  • During your quest, encounter lovely young girls with a variety of appearances and personalities as you explore the legendary Land of Eileen.
  • Build the strongest girl legion by gathering strong waifu girls, strengthening your relationship with the heroes, and training 70+ different heroines!
  • Give gifts to deepen connection and savor tender shy moments!

Evolving Strategic Freedom

  • Light, Darkness, Water, Wind, and Fire! Five distinct attribute factions are restrained by one another.
  • Shock, Curse, Freeze, Burn, Poison, Drain Rage…
  • Use a variety of characters and skills to unleash devastating special abilities!
  • With each turn, adjust and improve your plan as you put together your ultimate team of combatants.

Experience Hassle-Free Autoplay

  • Set your warrior lineup with a one tap, then go Hands-Free!
  • Multiple battlegrounds can engage in simultaneous combat throughout the game. Stop holding out!
  • Then, turn the tide of combat and blitz all high-CP PVE stages by strategically adjusting the front and rear row of your squad.
  • Gacha role-playing video games shouldn’t be tedious. Just take pleasure in the idle pastime and earning rewards!

Level Sync & Easy Train

  • Only 5 heroines are trained, and all other girls are on the same level.
  • The hero reset function allows you to reclaim all of your resources. No need to be concerned about material waste!

Voiced by Famous Japanese CV

  • All attractive girls are brought to life by Akari Kit,Rie Kugimiya, Aoi Yuki, Sakura Tange, Yuka Iguchi, Suzuko Mimori, Ayane Sakura…and more star voice actors!
  • Full engaging plot and beautifully animated visuals with smooth sound! Being among the gals is never dull!

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