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Project Hospital Money Cheat

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Project Hospital Money Cheat

Wellcome to our Project Hospital Money Cheat guide, where will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

Project Hospital Money Cheat

We are going to show you a money cheat without mods, hacks and downloads. You just have to edit the save file and you will be as rich as you want:

Project Hospital Money Cheat – Edit Save File

Find & edit the save file following this steps:

1- First you need to find it. It is located in the LocalLow Folder, to find it copy and paste this line in your File Manager:  “%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Oxymoron Games\Project Hospital\maps” (without ” “)

2- Once there look for the *.zip file. First create a backup copy of the complete .zip file, and then open it and extract the XML file to your desktop.

3- Open the XML file with notepad and search “balance” (CTRL + F and type “balance” without ” “). You will find something like this: <m_currentBalance>xxx</m_currentBalance>, where xxx is the actual money in your balance.

4- Edit the money quantity typing the amount you want instead of “xxx”

5- Save and close the XML file.

Project Hospital Money Cheat – Replace the Save File

Replace the save file following this steps:

6- Now copy the xml file you have just edited, paste it in the .zip file, and replace the previous xml file.

7- Edit the name of the xml file, and name it exactly with the name of the .zip file.

8- Save and close the .zip, the .xml and everything,

9- Start the game (Project Hospital) and check your money balance, now you should have the money you have typed in the step 4.

Of course you can edit the save file (xml) as many times as you want

Project Hospital Money Cheat – Mods

There are also some mods for money, one that works fine is this one:

Hope you enjoy beeing rich in Project Hospital

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