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Free Diamonds in My Cafe Recipes & Stories

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Free Gifts in My Cafe Recipes & Stories

Welcome to our guide to earn Free Diamonds in My Cafe Recipes & Stories. No cheats, no hacks, just play and earn free diamonds

Free Diamonds in My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Where to get?

There are several methods to earn free diamonds:

Daily Bonus

The bonus changes every day, but is easy to find 1 or 2 diamonds every day. You can play the daily bonus for free or you can also watch an ad

Watching commercials

You can get up to 10 diamonds every day just for watching ten 30 seconds commercials. Sometimes you wont be able to watch the 10 daily ads, but in average you can get more than 250 monthly diamonds

(It´s the best method to earn free diamonds by far)


You can check your current achievements in the right menu (the trophy icon). There are a lot of achievements to complete, and you can earn a lot of dimamonds by this way


Talk to your customers at every opportunity you have, they will give you gifts, and of course diamonds. In special dates like Christmas stories rewards are better, so dont forget to talk with every customer. And if you see a temporary guest, complete the 30 orders as fast as you can to earn a lot of diamonds and gifts.


Koffsky is a money lender who will ask you for diamonds at levels 14 and 18. Give him the diamonds, and 3 or 4 levels later he will give you back the diamonds and you will earn another 150 diamonds as reward.


Earn cups in the festivals to unlock season levels and get from 1 to 3 diamonds.


  • Simple: Up to 5 diamonds, but your odds are really low
  • Pink: From 5 to 100 diamonds
  • Blue: From 25 to 500 diamonds
  • Gold: From 50 to 1.000 diamonds

(We dont recommend to buy gifts to earn diamonds because the range is really wide, it´s better to buy the diamonds directly from the shop)


Get a reward of 500 diamonds for the first 3 friends (it means 1.500 diamonds) who install the game ( but following your link) and join any township.


Every task rewards with diamonds, and you also receive diamonds depending on the league you end.

Free Diamonds in My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Video

You can also watch the official My Cafe Recipes & Stories guide with tips to earn free diamonds:


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