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Trainings in Omega Strikers – Description & Tips

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Trainings in Omega Strikers

Trainings in Omega Strikers – Get to know what training is in the 3v3 game that is trending at the moment!

Omega Strikers contains a lot of information to understand. This includes learning when to attack and defend, various characters with different abilities, and knowing which Trainings to employ. As a new player, you may not know what Trainings are, where to obtain them or how to equip them.

In Omega Strikers, players have three Trainings they can equip at one time. One of these must be a Prismatic slot, which can be any Training; the other two can only be specific types. These passive enhancements affect character abilities, play styles and more. They provide buffs, debuffs and other effects.

  • Sniper
  • Speedster
  • Controller
  • Brawler
  • Specialist

Training Equipment for Omega Strikers

Figuring out how to build and equip trainings in Omega Strikers can be confusing because the game barely explains it to you. To change and equip trainings, click the pencil icon next to your username in the main menu. This will take you to a menu where you can set your preferred position and create exercise groups.

Ways To Get Trainings in Omega Strikers

In order to create specialized character builds, players need to purchase or unlock additional Trainings. Some Trainings can be bought from the in-game shop; others can be unlocked by purchasing them through the battle pass. Before purchasing a Training, players can see what each one does; this allows them to make sure they’re buying the right ones.

How to set up Trainings?

You can:

  • Select the striker you want to be auto selected to (if possible, else it will random).
  • Choose the role you wish to be auto filled into.
  • Select the default trainings you will spawn in with per character.
  • It is best to make a goalie and forward training loadout, even if they end up using the same trainings.

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