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Summertime Saga Aqua – Route & Walkthrough

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Summertime Saga Daisy – Route & Walkthrough

Welcome to Summertime Saga Aqua – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

Summertime Saga Aqua – Requirements

  • Unlock Forest: Ms Okita‘s route or also Mrs Johson‘s route
  • Unlock Church: Ms Ross route or also Mia‘s route
  • Get the Golden Key: Mia‘s route or also Mrs Johnson‘s route
  • Get de Fishing Rod: from the attic
  • Unlock clinic: Diane‘s route or also Mrs Johnson‘s route
  • Charisma level, at least 7

Summertime Saga Aqua – Walkthrough

The Treasure Hunt – Aqua’s route

  • Talk with Captaint Terry (Pier), he will give you a special lure if you find the golden compass for him
  • In the clinic, talk with the receptionist, then meet her on the 2º floor, go to the storage (right door) and you will have an scene. Finally read the obituary records to get the clue about the boatsmith tombstone
  • Go to the graveyard (through the broken wall in Diane’s garden) and interact with the tombstone (the one on the left)
  • Go to the tower of the church (upstairs) and examine the bell engravings
  • Open the old scroll you will find inside the tree with a hollow in Raven Hill
  • Get the treasure map: In the evening, complete the minigame of the stone in the middle of the forest – Half moon with 3 stripes (upper left)
  • Wait till the next day, go to the library, and find the book Derpy Answers
  • Get the old coin: it is in the Fountain (park) lower left corner
  • Go to the beach, then to the small island, and dig under the cross with the shovel (the shovel is inside your garage).
  • The code is: OctopusMermaidOctopusAnchor
  • Give the golden compass to Captain Terry and he will give you the golden lure in return

Aqua’s scenes

  • Go fishing: use the golden lure on the hole in seafloor. Aqua will steal the lure and you have to follow her. First defeat the octopus, and then escape the cave (Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up).
  • Once in Aqua’s lair offer her your help and return with captain Terry.
  • Ask him about retiring, and you will need to give him Tigger. Is a fish and you have to use the golden lure
  • Go back with Aqua and enjoy
  • You will also meet Seasucc there, if you bring back the mushroom (forest) you will unlock more scenes.

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