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Summertime Saga Jenny – Route & Walkthrough

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Summertime Saga Daisy – Route & Walkthrough

Welcome to Summertime Saga Jenny – Route & Walkthrough, where we will provide you all the steps to unlock all the scenes available

Summertime Saga Jenny – Requirements

  • Intelligence 5 and also Strenght 7
  • Money: At least $2,060
  • A working computer

Summertime Saga Jenny – Walkthrough

First Steps – Jenny’s route

  • Spy Jenny when she is having a shower in the morning
  • Next day afternoon go downstairs and spy her talking about her financial issue
  • Wait 2 days and have a breakfast with her (dining room)
  • Wait 2 days, go to the upstairs hallway and pay her silence with $100
  • After 3 days have another breakfast with her and let things happen
  • Next day go to her room (morning) and find her diary (bed), read it, and try to steal her panties, you can see the photos if you pay
  • Wait 3 days and have another breakfast with her, agree she is hot and follow her to her room.
  • After 2 days she will come to your room. Then go to Hillside mall > Pink, and buy her the toy she needs. Give it to her (afternoon)
  • Wait 2 days and Jenny and Debbie are talking in the kitchen, the answer is up to you
  • Next day meet Jenny in the entrance, go to the mall with here and buy the blue & white dildo
  • Next day read jenny’s journal and go to her room when she is in the shower, check the laptop (pass: Bad Monster), and open CAMslut, click on remote access and connect both computers. Do the same in your computer and enjoy the videos.
  • After 3 days you will have a new video (computer), buy the green dildo at Pink and give it to Jenny in the afternoon
  • Next day you will have a new video
  • After 2 days meet Jenny in the dining room (morning), talk with Cedric about Jenny at the gym, and then talk to Jenny.
  • After 3 days, in the evening, get out of your bedroom and find Jenny
  • Nex day (morning) use the telescope. Wait for the afternoon and go to her bedroom, then go to Cosmic Cumics (mall) and find the replica of Pink Cyclone mask. Go back to Jenny’s bedroom

Scenes – Jenny’s route

  • Next day (afternoon) go to Jenny’s room, and the day after, in the morning, meet Jenny in the dining room
  • After 2 days, in the evening, find Jenny in the living room. Enjoy the scene, and you have also unlocked Pink Channel on the TV (user: L6BV12R, pass: 12345)
  • Next day Jenny will wake you up, and in the afternoon you will go to her bedroom for more scenes.
  • Meet her next day at breakfast
  • Next day use the telescope again to inspire Jenny
  • Next day go to the dining room to meet her. The old cheerleader uniform is in the attic, the small key in the entrance and the stool in the garage. No you can open the trapdoor (hallway) and give her everything she needs. But be carefull, don’t make her pregnant
  • Saturday, go to the entrance, then to the backyard, and in the afternoon use the tickets to meet Jenny at the cinema, wait untill night for other scene.
  • Next day jenny will be in the dining room, and you will have more scenes in the shower
  • Wait 3 days and talk with Jenny in the hallway (morning)
  • Next day morning, read her diary, then buy her a necklace (Mall > Cupid) and wait for the night for more scenes

Summertime Saga Jenny – Bonus Scenes

  • Breakfast: Meet her next day, in the morning, for breakfast
  • Jenny’s Bedroom: Go to her bedroom for more scenes
  • Pool: Saturday morning find her at the pool for more scenes

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