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How To Get Gold in TeamFight Tactics?

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How To Get Gold in TeamFight Tactics?

Wellcome to the guide of How To Get Gold in TeamFight Tactics. Where we will provide you the methods to earn the currency of the game

Gold in TeamFight Tactics – Playing Rounds

Each round you complete you will get 5 gold, and 1 extra gold for victory, that means up to 6 gold per round. So playing rounds is the easiest way of farming gold

Gold in TeamFight Tactics – Streaks

There is a bonus for streaks (wins or losses) where you can get up to 3 gold per turn. But the bonus is just for wins or losses, so don’t win and lose in the same turn becase you won’t get the bonus.

Gold in TeamFight Tactics – Sell Units

If you sell an unwanted one star champion you will receive one gold coin. But if you sell 2 or 3 star champions, you will lose the value of one or two units respectively.

Pirate Synergy

If you have at least 3 pirates you will get +4 gold coins per round. So if you need some cash, pirates is your choice. There are not more synergies for coins or gold.

Money Saved

You can earn 10% of the money saved every round, 1 coin for every 10. But there is a cap and the max gold you can earn per round is 5. So try to have allways 50 gold coins saved to get your 5 gold per round.

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