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How to Improve or Boost FPS in Minecraft?

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How to Improve or Boost FPS in Minecraft?

Do you need to reduce lag, Improve or Boost FPS in Minecraft? We will help you with this guide where we provide you the best and fastest methods to improve your experience and performance

Boost FPS in Minecraft – Ingame Settings

General Recomendations
Adjust these settings in the game to improve or boost your FPS:

Disable mipmaps
Disable biome smoothing
Set particles to minimal
Set graphics from Fancy to Fast
Turn off smooth lighting and clouds
Set the game to small screen mode
Turn down the render distance
Full Optimization
Open MineCraft > right click on Launch Options > Left click on a profile > Enable the JVA Arguments and paste the following code (everything inside “”):

“-Xmx3G -Xms3G -Xmn768m -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseNUMA -XX:+CMSParallelRemarkEnabled -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=15 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=30 -XX:GCPauseIntervalMillis=150 -XX:+UseAdaptiveGCBoundary -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit -XX:+UseBiasedLocking -XX:SurvivorRatio=8 -XX:TargetSurvivorRatio=90 -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=15 -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates=true -XX:+UseFastAccessorMethods -XX:+UseCompressedOops -XX:+OptimizeStringConcat -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=2048m -XX:+UseCodeCacheFlushing -XX:SoftRefLRUPolicyMSPerMB=10000 -XX:parallelGCThreads=10″Once is pasted, open Minecraft > type ESP in the keyboard, open the Esc menu and adjust the video settings:

Graphics: Fast

Smooth Lighting Off
Smooth Lighting Level: 36%
GUI SCALE: As you want
Brightness: As you want
Dynamic Lights: Off
Render Distance: 4
Max Frame Rate: Max
View Bobbing As you want
Use VBO’s: On
Alternate Blocks: On
If these changes are not enough, at the end of this guide we provide you a mod (Optifine) that will allow you to adjust more ingame settings

Boost FPS in Minecraft – PC Settings

The PC and the video card settings can also help you with the FPS:

Javaw.exe High priority: Task Manager > Processes List > Find javaw.ex > Right click and set priority to high
Unistall bloatware if it’s installed
Disable graphical effects like Windows Aero (Windows) or Compositing (GNU /Linux)
Video Card: Update the drivers and also disable anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering
Boost FPS in Minecraft – Minecraft Forge & Optifine
And finally there are mods that increase the FPS:

Install Minecraft Forte first
Once installed install Optifine: First press Windows + R, then type “%appdata%/.minecraft/mods” in the Run, and finally Move the file Optifine Mod Jar to the mods folder
Open Minecraft with the Forge profile, go to options, then video settings, and change the following options:
Render Distance: 4 Short
Graphics: Fast
Smooth Lighting: None
Smooth Lighting Level: 0%
View Bobbing: On or off (Can stay on if you like it on)
Brightness: 50%
Alternate Blocks: on
Fog: Off
Clear Water: Off
Better Grass: Off
Custom Fonts: Off
Trees: Fast
Sky: Off
Clouds: Fast / Off (for more fps off)
Animation Settings: All Off

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