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House Party Brittney Walkthrough Guide

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House Party Vickie Walkthrough Guide
  • Welcome to House Party Rachael Walkthrough Guide, where we will provide you all the steps, tips and secrets to complete Rachael’s story and scenes

House Party Rachael Walkthrough Guide – Requirements:

  • Painkillers: Master Bathroom, behind the door
  • Cup of cofee: Living room > Frank’s chair
  • Madisons phone: Master bathroom > left to the faucet
  • Paper: Study room > Laptop
  • Pencil: Skybed room > desk
  • 6 Bottles of Booze: Living room, chimney room, garage, master bedroom, laundry room, study room and also upstairs bathroom

House Party Rachael Walkthrough Guide – Step by Step

Going for Rachael 1/5

  • When Rachael beats Patrick say its cool
  • Ask Rachael if she is enjoying at the party and also offer her to talk to Frank
  • Talk to Frank: “Your completely sober, why he steals from girls, you can check it”
  • Give 6 bottles of alcohol and offer to sniff at the thermos
  • Smell at the Thermos (cabinet), but don’t take it
  • Talk to Frank: There is water inside the Thermos
  • Give the Thermos to Rachael and tell her “you are not afraid of Frank”, but he should not ne listening

Going for Rachael 2/5

  • Talk to Rachel: “Why is she so nervous, she can trust you and also Vickie seems to be cool”
  • Ask Rachel for her phone number

Going for Rachael 3/5

  • Talk to Madison: “She is doing fine, brownie points are the way bakers keep score, goodbye”
  • Talk to Ashley: “Hotter than Madison, you can see resemblance between them” and also give her the phone
  • Ask her: “what if it was Madison’sphone, you are intrigued and she can count you in”
  • Give her Madison’s Diary: Master bedroom > desk with a mirror > use with: Gastronomy book, paper and pencil > Open the safe, get the diary, and give it to Ashley
  • Go to a private place, open your inventory (“I”), and find the contacts in Madison’s phone to get Vickie’s number

Going for Rachael 4/5

  • Give the painkillers to Patrick and ask him to borrow his phone
  • Talk to Brittney: “She is okay and her top looks great”, then ask her for Patrick’s phone
  • Tell Patrick to retrieve the phone from Brittney
  • Talk to Frank or Madison to beat Patrick and take his bottle of wine. Tell Madison: “Patrick is trying to clep some stuff”, tell Patrick “He should watch out Frank, ask how he hides the bottle” then tell Frank. Then to take the bottle:
    • Drag the bottle away from Frank and take it
    • If you want to take it when he is fighting with Rachael you need somebody else to beat him
  • Kitchen > open the pantry door > Kettle (right click) > drag and drop it on the stove. Then use the kettle with the coffe, turn on the stove and use it with an empty cup
  • Give the hot Coffee to Patrick (Irish coffee), and give it to him again
  • When he approaches you tell him to get the phone

House Party Rachael Walkthrough Guide – Ending

  • Talk to Katherine: “we use the word “need” outside its intended purpose” and also ask if she knows to hack phones and send spoofed messages
  • Give katherine Patrick’s phone, follow her to the study room and also ask her to send a spoofed message from Vickie’s number to Rachael’s (of course Rachel can’t hear you)
  • Message to send: “tell the cutest guy at the party that you had a wet dream about him”
  • Wait for Rachel and then go with Katherine, dare Rachel to wear a bikini top, and when she does go again with Katherine
  • Turn off and then turn on the router, you will find it on the top shelf of the closet (study room)
  • Go where Katherine is and also dare Rachel to flash the cutest guy
  • Follow Rachael and ask her: “how her friend got to know you”
  • Go to the Study room, now dare Rachel to lose her pant*ies, and finally to “get completely naked for the cutest guy for 30 second”
  • Go somewhere private and mast*urba*te
  • Finally you can dare Rachel to **** the cutest guy at the party, so follow her to the master bedroom, lock the door and enjoy
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