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Mist Survival Cheats

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Mist Survival Cheats

Welcome to the Mist Survival Cheats guide, where we will explain you how to use the Cheat Engine and how to adjust values in the table

Mist Survival Cheats – Cheat Engine + MUTT

You need the cheat engine and also the M.U.T.T.rar file

Cheat Engine

First of all you have to download the latest version of the cheat engine, find it here

Install it and close it


You have to download also the M.U.T.T.rar file, find it here

You will find to files, the M.U.T.T_0.25.CT and the M.U.T.T_0.3.X.CT, choose one of them according to your Mist Survival version

Once downloaded just extract the files to a folder of your choice

Mist Survival Cheats – How to use?

1º step – Go to the folder where you placed the MUTT files, and click twice on the MUTT file you want (depending on your Mist Survival version), to also open the Cheat Engine (needs to be installed).

You will see a table, but you need to click the divider (between “Description” and “Address”) and drag it to the right

2º step – Open the game Mist Survival (we recommend you to use 2 save files, one to play with cheats and another one without cheats), play for 2 minutes and pause the game

3º step – Go back to the cheat engine (Atl+Tab) and click the flashing computer symbol, select Mist Survival and click “Yes” when the confirmation box appears

4º step – Now you shoul have the Cheat Engine Table, where you can adjust a lot of values. But try to follow the instructions, some of the values could affect the game stability. If you don’t know what values to adjust, check the video below

Mist Survival Cheats – VideoGuide

And to finish, a videoguide where the youtuber Dunkan Walker explains what values to adjust in the cheat engine’s table:


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