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Strucid Weapons Guide

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Welcome to the Strucid Weapons Guide, here we wil provide you the stats and some tips of every weapon available in the game


Strucid Weapons Guide – Snipers

Semi-Auto Sniper

Body Damage 90, Head Damage 180, Damage per Second 1.2, Fire Rate 1.2, Reload time 2.5 and also Clip size 10

Heavy Sniper

Strucid Weapons Guide – SMGs

SMG 101

Body Damage 18, Head Damage 36, good for the close combat

Drum Gun

24 damage per shot, the best SMG in Strucid


Tactical Shotgun

10 Damage per bullet and 9 bullets per shot, is the fastest shotgun and also has the biggest clip size

Pump Shotgun

12 Damage per bullet and 5 bullets per shot, and also a clip size of 5 shotgun shells

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