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F1 2019 Trophy Guide

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F1 2019 Trophy Guide

Showing your Intentions: Finish ahead of Lukas or Devon in an F1 race

Assisting Development: Complete an F1 practice programme in Career Mode

Second Chance: Activate a Flashback during a race

Master Skills: Complete an F1 race with all driving assists turned off

Memories: Play a captured highlight

Not Again, Jeff!: Tell Jeff to be quiet

Manual Master: Win a race whilst using manual transmission

Car Geek: Read information on a car in the showroom

Personal Touch: Choose a player badge

Love the Look!: Obtain a livery for your multiplayer car

Weekend Warrior: Complete a Weekly Grand Prix

Featured Racer: Complete a Featured Event

Raining Champion: Complete an F1 Time Trial in wet conditions

Perfect Start: Get Pole Position

Reach Level 5: Reach level 5 XP

Reach Level 10: Reach level 10 XP

Ice Cool: Complete a clean Race

Photo Fiddler: Make an adjustment within photo mode

Safe Mode: Achieve a safety rating of A in multiplayer mode

Pure Gold: Achieve a Gold skill rating

Epic Drive: Complete a race using the Ferrari F2004 at Monza

First Ten Down: Complete 10 races online

Monaco Victor: Win a 25% distance (or longer) F1 race at Monaco (any difficulty)

Something to prove: Accept a contract with McLaren or Alfa Romeo

Contender: Accept a contract with Williams, Racing Point, Renault, Toro Rosso or Haas

Great Expectations: Accept a contract with Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes

Exclusive Club Member: Win a 25% distance (or longer) race against Ultimate AI opponents

League Joined: Join a League

You Got One: Win a league medal

Nice Threads: Change your driver’s appearance

F2 Racer: Complete the “2018 FORMULA 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” championship event

Sit back and relax: Spectate an online race

Cool and Calm: Reach maximum sportsman rating

Seeing it Through to the End: Apply all vehicle upgrades from one department

Early Beginnings: Complete the first weekend of an F1 season.

I like this one: Set a favourite trophy

Perfectly Executed: Activate DRS perfectly on all zones of any track

F1 2019 Trophy Guide – Silver Trophies

Dreams Become Reality: Complete the F2 feeder series and start to pursue a move to F1

Victory!: Get on the F1 podium for the first time

The Whole Event: Complete all events in a Weekly Grand Prix

Season Victory: Win the F1 Drivers’ Championship

Constructor’s Victory: Win the F1 Constuctors’ Championship

Feeling Smug: Get promoted to first driver

Look at them Go!: Set the fastest time in all 3 practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix

Reach Level 25: Reach level 25 XP

Around the World: Register a time trial entry on every track

You Big Show Off: Reach maximum showman rating

F1 2019 Trophy Guide – Gold Trophies

First Amongst Rivals: Finish ahead of Devon and Lukas by the end of an F1 Season

Reach Level 50: Reach level 50 XP

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