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Sea of Solitude Trophy Guide

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In the Sea of Solitude Trophy Guide we will show you how to unclok the 26 trophies available in the game, with tips for the hardest ones…

Sea of Solitude Trophy Guide – Bronze Trophies

These are the 6 Bronze Trophies:

  • Uncorked: collected your first Message in a bottle (see Bottles)
  • Shoo!: Shooed your first Seagull (see Seagulls)
  • Fire!: Fired the first flare
  • Connected: Connect with mirror Kay for the first time
  • School’s out: Made it through school
  • Moses: Opened a path through water

Sea of Solitude Trophy Guide – Silver Trophies

These are the 9 SilverTrophies:

  • Comfy: Respawned on couch in Skyscraper
  • Raver: Got grabbed by waterhands 10 times
  • Deep Dive: Jumped headfirst into the water from a high point
  • Seeker: Fired 30 flares
  • Human Bait: Eaten by Whale 20 times
  • Sunny: Finished Level 1
  • Lonely at the Top: Reached top of the Skyscraper
  • Mama and Papa: Finished Level 2
  • Breakdown: Finished Level 3

Sea of Solitude Trophy Guide – Gold Trophies

These are the 7 Gold Trophies:

  • Bottled: Collected all bottles (see Bottles)
  • Flock of Seagulls: Shooed all Seagulls (see Seagulls)
  • Mermaid: Swam a very long distance
  • Runaway: Travelled very far by foot
  • Sailor: Travelled a long distance by boat
  • Danger Swimmer: Swam long distance while whale was around
  • Resolve: Finished the game

The Platinum Trophy

And finally, this is the Platinum Trophy:

All Done: Acquire every Trophy in Sea of Solitude

Bottles – Uncorked & Bottled

You need to collect 1 and 39 bottles respectively, but first, you need to find them. So here you have a video from 100% guides with all the locations

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