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Staxel Cheats Chat Codes

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Staxel Cheats Chat Codes

Full list with all the active and available Staxel Cheats Chat Codes. Fly, get money, teleport, spawn any item, walk through walls, change the weather, and much more.

Staxel Cheats Chat Codes – How to Enable?

Open the Chat (press ENTER), and type “/enableCheats”

Once the cheats are enabled you just have to type the cheat in the chat. And of course we provide you all the available cheats or codes in the game:

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Staxel Cheats Chat Codes – Full List

(*) Here you have all the items, materials and tiles IDs

  • Show all cheats – /help
  • Enable Cheats – /enableCheats
  • Spawn Item – /spawnitem [yournickname] + staxel.item.X, where X could be Import, Export, MassFiller or also MassReplacer (*)
  • Describe Item – /describeitem [usernickname]
  • Spawn Material – /spawnmaterial [yournickname][materialname] (*)
  • Spawn Tile – /spawnmaterial [username] [tilecode]: The username is who receives the tile (*)
  • Fly Mode – /fly
  • Walk – /walk: If you want to disable the fly mode
  • Noclip – /noclip: You can walk through walls or also objects
  • Teleport – /teleport: You will be teleported to where you are looking at
  • Teleport to a player – /tp <usernickname>
  • (to a location) Teleport – /teleport [usernickname] [location XYZ]
  • Position of a player – /position [usernickname]
  • Players List – /players
  • Creative Mode – /creative
  • Make someone Admin – /op <usernickname>
  • Get Money or Petals – /givepetals:
  • Spawn Money or Petals – /spawncoins [username] <petal_amount>: The username is who receives the money
  • Give Money or Petals to someoune – /givepetals <usernickname> <quantity>
  • Steal Money or Petals to someoune – /stealpetals <usernickname> <quantity>
  • Mute – /mute username [minutes]: by default 60 minutes
  • Unmute – /unmute username
  • Freeze time – /stoptime
  • Kick someone – /kick <usernickname>
  • Ban someone – /ban <usernickname> <reason>
  • Unban someone – /unban <usernickname>
  • Advance Time – /advanceTime <quantity>: the quantity must be a number between 0.0 and 0.1
  • Todas las recetas a un jugador – /Give all recipes [nombredeusuario]
  • Change Weather – /weather <typeofweather>: sun, rain, snow, storm or also weather code
  • Get the World Seed – /seed
  • Grow plant – /plantgrowth

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