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DeLuca Family Walkthrough And Guide

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DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide – Story


  • That would be nice (+ Luna)
  • It’s a nice room (+ Luna)
  • You are Pretty as well (+ Luna & also + Gracie)

Story I: The Dangerous Dinner

  • It’s okay (+ Cordia) or Shitty (-Cordia, –Antonio, but + Luna)
  • Buy cameras (- Morality) or buy audio recorders (+ Morality)

Story II: The Hidden recorders: Plant the devices in the state – Night & Luna’s room

Story III: The Punishment

  • Relationships > I like you both (+Luna & also + Grace)
  • Stay silent (+Morality) or Stop her (yes -morality, but No + morality)
  • Go out and check (++Luna, ++ Grace, ++ Cordia & also + Four Serpents) or Stay Put (+ Morality)

Story IV: The Traitor

  • When Trino is accused > Look (+ Morality) or look away (nothing)
  • Talk to Cordia > He got what he deserved (+ Morality) or he didn’t need to die (nothing)

(First complete all the characters quest and farm some money and XP) > Farming

Story V: The Proud Fazio

  • First choice > State your name (+1 Calm) or None of your Business (+1 Angry) or Who is who (+1 Crazy)
  • Ideals of honor and integrity > Important (- Morality) or They can be a hindrance (+1 Morality)

Story VI: The Blizzard Queen: No choices

StoryVII: Mother: No choices

Story VIII: The Kaskar Family: No choices

StoryIX: i will protect you: Grope > Amazing (+2 morality) or Wrong (-2 morality)

Story X: My Name is Luna: Ask Wilfred > Continue grop… (with Luna) > Check her room next day > check recording > Wait 3 days for Luna

Story XI: I Love You my son

DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide – Farming

You will need:

  • Money: Work & buy all the available books to improve the stats
  • XP: Work & and unlock better contracts
  • Equipment: When you have enough money buy the best equipment to improve your stats

DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide – Characters

Luna Quests

Gracie’s Gunned Down Jeans > Go to her room at noon (help her – I’m in) > Go to Gracie’s room (evening) and take the jeans > Buy the cheapest jeans (your computer) > Give the jeans to Luna

Explosive Carrying Molesting Bees > Go to her room at noon (going out) > That made her hate you (+ Luna) > Be More Daring (+ Luna)

Luna’s Knife Knife > Go to her room at noon (trouble) > Ask Wilfred and take the deal > Give it to Luna (The knife means a lot to you) > Relax you are doing fine

Femme Fatale > Livingroom (afternoon) > check the recorder (your computer) > Talk to Luna about Living room (Touch Necklace) > Buy High Heels (your PC) > Give them to Luna > Ask Isabel for help (her room evening) > Ask Luna about training

The Cave: > Wait one week, she will come > Are those clothes bought by Isabel (Prove it)

Gracie Quests

Dancing with a DeLuca > Tal to her – living room afternoon (ask if she needs help) > Learn about ballet (your laptop – 2 nights) > dance with Gracie

Friends > Gracie’s room afternoon (promise – 3 options & analise)

It is All About the intent > her bedroom night (ask to hangout)

Town Time > Gracie’s room afternoon (hang out) > Dance (+ Gracie)

The Friends of My Friend Are my Friends > Gracie’s room afternoon (hang out) > Touch thigh (+Gracie)

The Magic Touch > her room afternoon (trip) > check recording (laptop) > check recording (again after 3 days) > her room afternoon (movie) > check recording (again after 3 days) > check recording (again after 3 days) > her room afternoon (movie)

Dancing clothes > Living room evening (new dances) > Buy dancing clothes (laptop) > Dance with her (evening living room) and grope…

Feelings > Her room at night > enjoy

Isabel Quests

Drinking With A DeLuca > Talk to her (night living room) > Buy wine (laptop) > drink with her (living room night) > Buy a better wine (laptop) > drink with her (living room night) > 100,000

A Bottle for a Bottle > Offer her help (night living room) > Ask wilfred about wine > Complete Wilfred’s mission > Drink with Isabel (living room night) > Turn Head & Use Tongue

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