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No More Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

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No More Secrets Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to No More Secrets Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 1

  • Lizzie: Be nice with her to get 50 bucks, tell her “Happy Birthday Lizzie” to get 2RP & 1 LP, and also “Don’t worry, I will talk to Phill
  • Get dressed (your room – Closet) and go to Lizzie’s Room: Knock (+1RP), or 1st Floor Bathroom: Knock. Then go to the kitchen
  • Before class (school):
    • Talk to Steven & Vanessa (near your class) and help Stephania (1RP)
    • Talk to Rene & Lizzie (Lizzie’s class)
    • Brandy & Harry (your class). Then click your desk to start the class
  • After the 1st class: Talk to Stephania & Steven (hall), and also talk to Brandy (class). Then you have to choose between Rene & Potter (best choice)
  • (If you went with Potter) > Bathroom
  • Go to the computer room, don’t make fun of Potter and go back to your class to talk to Potter about the fake ID:
    • Pay him or
    • Call Stephania (if you caught him…) and tell her I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful today to get 1RP with stephania
  • If you went with the “Get your hands on the pictures” > Sweet > She is Sweet (1RP) > kiss > 1LP&1RP
  • Math class, when stephania as Phill “Mr Smithson are you kidding? > you would like to…with her to get 1RP & 1LP
  • Place the camera (locker room) and come back
  • Talk to Phill (his office) and yo Daphne, to get 1 RP with her tell her she is 27, tell the truth about the alcohol to get 50 bucks

Episode 1 – Birthday girl – Biology answers

  • Biology test (your class), answer this:
    • Whever i see you…
    • If you ask me nicely…
    • Protecting my heart not to…
    • Hopefully for you…
    • As many as you need
    • The butterflies i got…
    • You can tell them however…
    • My hand is all yours
    • When i’m in your class…
    • Let’s meet and you can…
  • Give the paper to Anastasia > go to the locker room & give 50 bucks to Stephania (ask for something in return to get 1RP & 1LP) , then talk to Steven
  • Take Lizzie home (her class) > choose get your payment now (1RP & 1LP)
  • Jeane’s Bikini (at home) > Awesome (1RP & 1LP)
  • Go to your room, change your clothes, talk to Lizzie (her room) and spy on Jeane until the end to get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Go to the kitchen, click on the paper and go to the shop. If you are in Rene’s path > Be polite and tell him “The fact that she’s pretty and you…” to get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Take everything to the kitchen > help Jeane (1RP) > Go with Lizzie and look to get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Move the lawn (outside) > say Jeane you will take care of her daughter (1RP)
  • Meet Steven(living room) go to harry’s house and take the fake id

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 2

  • Lizzie’s gift: Choose what you want, but if you choose “d*ildo” you will have to fix it later
  • Lizzie’s room: Gorgeous (1RP & 1LP)
  • When Steven tells you Stephania needs a ride, go alone, tell her you told them to wait for her, kiss her and get (1RP & 1LP)
  • Talk to Steven, and when Keith asks > Yeah…Your girlfriend & tell him to chill down to get (1RP & 1LP) with Amie
  • Talk to Brandy if you kissed her > “It was nice, but no” & But this time, i really want (1RP & 1LP)
  • Vanessa: It was…now it’s only mine, and so are you (1RP & 1LP)
  • Gifts: Only if your gift was a d*ildo say it was a joke and you are gonna fix everything

Episode 2 – Party Night – Dance & Spin the Bottle

  • Dance:
    • Amie: My standards are way…(1RP & 1LP) & keith is dancing with Stephania (1RP)
    • Brandy: Be nice and tell her not to worry (1RP)
    • Stephania: Why wait untill monday (1RP & 1LP)
    • Lizzie: Let her know you care about her (1RP), jeane will call, truth (1RP Jeane) or lie (1RP Lizzie)
    • Vanessa: Feet > massage (only) (1RP & 1LP)
  • Spin the Bottle:
    • Amie: 1st – Left & take a peek (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – Oh Really? Thats why yo didn’t stopped…, 3rd – Number 5 – Don’t rush, kiss her first
    • Brandy:  1st – Don’t say anything about the kiss or I can see why (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – You are happy brandy is the one (1RP & 1LP), 3rd – Number 3 – Undress (1RP & 1LP)
    • Lizzie: 1st – Too bad your skirt is…(1RP & 1LP), 2nd  – The card said french (1RP & 1LP) 3rd- Number 1 – Lie for her (1RP)
    • Stephania: 1st – ask if she needs help (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – not easy to impress (1RP & 1LP), 3rd – Number 4 – Don’t use your finger (1RP)
    • Vanessa: 1st – roommate too? (1RP & 1LP), 2nd – Rene is too young for the show (1RP & 1LP), 3rd – Number 2 – let her decide and don’t rush (1RP & 1LP)
    • You – in your 2nd dare you have to choose one, and you will get (1RP & 1LP) with the one you choose, so up to you

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 3

  • Yard door > Cops > Movie from the Car > choice:
    • Amie: I’m not sure, maybe after you changed i can say & Don’t worry dear i will protect you…(1RP & 1LP)
    • Brandy: And if we are somewhere else? & Don’t go any further (2RP & 1LP)
    • Lizzie: Take her to her room & hug (2RP & 1LP)
    • Stephania: I might have some ideas (1RP & 1LP), be crazy
    • Vanessa: Kiss her (1RP & 1LP)
  • After the movie:
    • If your choice was Stephania: Scene with her or also with Keith
    • Other choices: Tell Amie (1RP) or scene with Stephania & Keith
  • Club: As you want
  • Talk to Amie, Vanessa & Lizzie about Rene’s pool
  • (Only if your gift was a d*isldo and you didn’t admit > Amber’s room > Rene’s room > Get Resit)
  • Rene’s pool:
    • Brandy: Sunscreen > don’t complain too much (1RP & 1LP)
    • Amie: what you want
    • Lizzie: If you watched the movie with her > You told me to kiss your whole (1RP)
    • Stephania: you will do anything for her (1RP), but don’t ask for anything
    • Vanessa: give her the phone & kiss her
  • Nichole’s appartment: Doesn’t matter…lets talk about your pictures, I know each of them has a back story (Save the Game)

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 4

  • Kitchen > talk to Lizzie > 1st floor bathroom > yard > if you went with keith & stephania (movie night) he will help you
  • Go to your class (geography) > meet Anastasia (scene) > go back to class > meet Daphne > bet results
  • Brandy (outside school – left): Only when she is around (1RP & 1LP)
  • Jeane: Drive her shopping
  • Shooping: Amie will give you something for Jeane, don’t talk, just knock (1RP & 1LP)
  • Bar: Go for the kiss (1RP & 1LP)
  • Home: Play games (your room), go to Nichole > photo choice (what you want)
  • Home again: Jeane (living room) you will do that for her (1RP & 1LP), don’t choose Eyes (1RP & 1LP). Then go to lizzie’s room and choose kinky stuff to smile for the photo (1RP & 1LP). Go to sleep
  • Breakfast > Car > Jeane (I don’t mind) > school > boys dressing room

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 5

  • Cecile: act like you don’t know her (1RP & 1LP)
  • Daphne: Go with her, she can call you whenever she wants (1RP), & you can help her win the lottery (1RP & 1LP)
  • Todd (computer room) > Steven (bathroom) (3RP & 3LP with Saeki)
  • Harry > Rene > Biology class > Dianna (raise your grades) > Math class > Take Lizzie & Vanessa to a movie (1RP with each)
  • Lizzie (outside left): Make her convince you (play hard) with a kiss (1RP & 1LP)
  • Change your clothes (your room) > go to the bar > Alison will go to the bathroom (save and go with her if you want 1 scene) > load from the last save and stay with Lizzie
  • At home:
    • Lizzie (her room): Ask Todd & you will help her more often if that’s the reward (1RP & 1LP)
    • Jeane (1st floor bathroom): Massage
    • Your room: Nichole will call you

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 6

  • Breakfast > School > Give the glasses back to Harry (Saeki hasthem)
  • Geography class: 50, Russia, Vatican City
  • Brandy: She is cute, make feel good (1RP & 1LP), kiss, Smart & Sweet (1RP & 1LP), but in the last question tell her she is really attractive, not ony cute
  • Stephania (your class) help her skip the classes (1RP & 1LP)
  • Start next class > talk to Lizzie (2nd hall) > receive a kiss from Vanessa and Lizzie (lie)
  • Anastasia: Outside school left > car > she her change her cloths
  • Stephania > clinic > get to her house (1RP & 1LP) > tell her she needs affection (1RP & 1LP)
  • Home: Living room > bathroom (upstairs) > change your clothes > Vanessa (living room) > Lizzie: Keep the secret (1RP)

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 7

  • Car with Saeki: Stop if you want an scene, enjoy (3LP), but at the end li*ck (2LP)
  • Annie: You can’t complay (1RP & 1LP), take her home (1RP & 1LP) and she is winning because Saeki left (1RP & 1LP)
  • Talk with Phill and take a shower
  • Brandy: call her Angel (1RP), choose Biology, Kiss her (1RP & 1LP)
  • Home: Talk to Lizzie (Drop a fork 1RP & 1LP) and Vanessa
  • Truth or Dare: You didn’t kissed Brandy (1RP & 1LP), Kiss Vanessa (1RP & 1LP), Kiss Lizzie (1RP & 1LP), Who would you spy on (RP with the girl of your choice)
  • Your room: Watch some p…, you like Amie’s gift (RP)
  • Breakfast > jogging > don’t try to kiss Vanessa
  • Home: Shower (1st flooor), picture with Lizzie, talk to hem (living room), Change clothes

Episode 1 – Let’s Get out of here – Charity Event

  • Dance with Jeanne: Kiss
  • Mahabbah: No strings attached and take of…
  • Jeane (room): Peek

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 8

  • Mahabbah: go nake*d and don’t run away, then be hard in every choice
  • Jeane (car): Be honest (1RP & 1LP)
  • Horse: If you don’t want to close Amie’s path Make her understand you are interested
  • Home: Jeane > help Amie > shower > movie (living room) > Amie Scene
  • Lizzie (couch) tell her 3 things > lips
  • Steven: Tell him the truth
  • Anastasia: You can close the path, but if you keep going you will have an scene
  • Home: Bath (upstairs), Vanesa (make a move, but don’t kiss her)
  • Date with Stephania: buy wine and suggest Amber to have a date some time, but at the restaurant be a gentleman with Stephania

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 9

Not too many choices, you will unlock all the scenes if you wen’t on a date with Stephania in episode 8. And also if the path with Brandy is still open.

No More Secrets Walkthrough – Episode 10

Not too many choices, you will unlock all the scenes if the path with Cecile is still open, DON’T tell her your back is killing you

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