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The Headmaster Walkthrough & Game Guide

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The Headmaster Walkthrough & Game Guide

Welcome to The Headmaster Walkthrough & Game Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

The Headmaster Walkthrough – Stats

First of all you need to farm Discipline, Grades, Popularity & Money:


  • Punish: Punish in class (+2 discipline) or also Punish after class > Public Punishment (+1 discipline)
  • Walks: You can also discipline girls during your walks, you will get +1 discipline, but usally you will lose -1 popularity
  • Miss Potts: Train her as soon as you can (in her apartment every evening) because she will make you loose -2 discipline every day


  • Punish: Punish after class (+1 grades) doesn’t matter if you do it private or public
  • Walks: If you help them to study you can also get +1 Grades
  • Discipline: If discipline is between 31 and 40, you will get +1 grades every day


  • Salary: Every week you will get some money as salary
  • Punish: Punish after class > Private Punishment (+200 money)


  • Walks: You can get +1 popularity during your walks.

Recommended – The Headmaster Walkthrough

  • Focus on discipline: Punish in class twice every day until discipline > 32
  • Train Miss Potts as soon as you can (every evening)
  • Weekends choices: Focus on Popularity, even if you loose discipline
  • Money & Grades: You dont need to farm them if you farm discipline & popularity

The Headmaster Walkthrough – Walkthrough

  • Focus on farming discipline until you have discipline > 32
  • Train Miss Potts every evening (her apartment) until she doesn’t loose discipline
  • Upgrade the science facilities for Miss Chang > Visit her at her class (evenings) > Upgrade the facilities in your computer
  • Visit Mr Wilson and agree with him
  • Implement all the new rules available (friday meeting)
  • You will unlock the first 2 scenes

If a Headmaster Falls in the Woods

  • Open the recycle bin (your computer) and read the April 15 text
  • Talk to Mr Wilson and ask him about the old headmaster (visit him 2 consecutive days)
  • Unlock the lake (friday weekly meeting), go there in the morning and talk to the groundskeeper (old teacher’s body)
  • Go to the lake again and ask the groundskeeper (jimmy) about the headmaster’s body
  • Progress through A Troublesome Inspector quest until when you go to the lake Jimmy shows you the spot, and find the wallet and the number
  • Go to your office, click on the bookcase and unlock the safe
  • Ask Miss Chang about British defense (not available yet)

Teaching Miss Potts

  • Start training miss potts at her apartment every evening (at least 6 times)
  • Check her progress and visit her class
  • Keep training her at her home, at least 3 more times. But for the last training class you have to complete Sally learns the ropes quest

Experiments Gone

  • Requires: upgrade the science facilities ($500) and talk about it with Miss Chang
  • Check Miss Chang class (class time)
  • Visit Miss Chand (Evening) and ask her for help with the board
  • Your office > Phone > Samantha > Hire a lab technician and wait 3 days
  • Accept Trixie’s offer
  • Visit miss chang and ask her about her new assistant
  • Summon Trixie (phone) and hire Anna
  • Visit Miss Chang 2 different evenings

Priti As a Picture (Mr Wilson)

  • Visit Mr Wilson in his apartment (evenings) and agree to steal Priti’s password > ask miss chang (her class – evenings) how to steal passwords, then about the keylogger programm
  • Summon Priti (your office – Phone > Give the password to Mr Wilson > next day visit Mr Wilson and ask him if he needs anything else and agree (if you want you can Save – Disagree and see what happens.
  • Buy the camera (your computer) > Summon Priti to your office (Phone) > Trick her
  • Buy the swimwear (your computer) > Summon Priti to your office (Phone) > Complete the photoshoot > give the photos to Mr Wilson
  • If you don’t give him the photos: Ask Trixie about local… > check your mail next day ($2,500) > buy viag*ra (your computer – health) > give the pills to Mr Wilson

Sally Learns the Ropes – Debbie Punishment

  • Requires: Several private punishments with Debbie (your student) & approve the rule about corporal punishment (skirts) – friday meeting
  • Once you can decide how to punish: Buy the paddle (your computer)
  • Level 2 to level 3 Punishment Step By Step:
    • Remove clothing
    • Hands above her head > Body Search
    • Over the desk > Ruler > Paddle
    • Knee > Massage > new action unlocked
  • Now buy the digital camera (your computer)
  • Level 3 to level 4 Punishment Step By Step:
    • Remove clothing
    • Hands above her head > Body Search > Camera
    • Over the desk > Ruler > Paddle
    • Knee > last massage unlocked > new action
  • Reassure Sally when she asks you
  • Touch everything
  • Admit you enjoy…
  • Convince school board > Confiscate clothing
  • Level 4 to level 5: Same as before

A Troublesome Inspector

  • Requires: vote on the new rule with “?”
  • Visit Ruth in the teachers lounge
  • Ask Miss Chang (her class-evening) about the old headmaster’s pass
  • Sports > Men’s changing room (Monday afternoon) > click on Sally’s bag. Requires a previous conversation, if you can’t click on the bag, come back next monday afternoon.
  • Skip time until evening and Miss Chang will give you the password (cut scene)
  • Your computer > recycle bin > April 16 entry
  • Talk to Ruth (teachers lounge) > dream scene in the evening
  • (Now you can find with Jimmy the spot where the headmaster died)
  • Your office > bookcase > don’t worry about being a villain > humiliate
  • Talk to Ruth (teachers lounge) > Any choice

A Man’s work Quest – The Headmaster Walkthrough

  • Implement all the new rules available, also the one with “?”
  • Complete the Sally Learns the Ropes quest
  • Complete the A troublesome Inspector quest
  • Hold another vote in the friday meeting (not available yet)

Taming a Prefect – The Headmaster Walkthrough

  • Requires: Do paperwork (your office 3 times)
  • Patrol (weekday) > Intervene and stop the… or Watch Debbie give…
  • Sunday afternoon Maxine holds a protest > any choice
  • Raise Debbie to level 5 (see Sally Learn the ropes quest)
  • Debbie will stop the protest

The Headmaster Walkthrough – More Scenes

  • Lucy: Do paperwork until she asks you for work > Buy all the outfits (maid & other) > Saturday morning she will clean your house
  • Sally: Right now the best scene is with Sally (Men’s changing room – Shower)
  • Other Punishments: You can only progress with Debbie’s punisments right now
  • Trixie: Don’t forget to visit her (evenings – her apartment), she is waiting for you. But the dinner is not available yet

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