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Roblox Aircraft Carrier Controls

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Roblox Aircraft Carrier Controls

Roblox Aircraft Carrier Controls – PC Keyboard – Planes & Ships – Also VTOL, How to Fire Missiles, How to customize the keys…

Roblox Aircraft Carrier Controls – Planes

These are all the PC Keyboard Planes Controls

  • Airbrake J
  • Yaw Right E
  • Yaw Left Q
  • Throttle Down Left Control
  • Toggle Engine Y
  • Previous Target Z
  • Camera Toggle P
  • Combat Mode R
  • Throttle Up Left Shift
  • Roll Left A
  • Roll Right D
  • Canopy T
  • Landing Gear G
  • Navigation Light K
  • Lock On U
  • Wings Toggle H
  • Catapult N
  • Fire F
  • Toggle Hover Mode B
  • Spot Light L
  • Pitch Up S
  • Tailhook X
  • Next Weapon C
  • Pitch Down W
  • Mouse Mode M
  • Next Target X
  • Ejection V

VTOL Exclusive Controls (New)

The latest novelty in terms of controls, they are exclusive to VTOL, they are exclusive due to the peculiarity of their handling

  • Increase Thrust Vector: hold B
  • Decrease Thrust Vector: hold N

How to Fire the Missiles?

To begin, you must be in battle mode. To begin battle mode, hit the default key R or your fight mode custom key. Once in battle mode, highlight the missile you wish to launch by hitting C until it is highlighted. Once the missile has been selected, face the target plane and hit the U key to lock onto it. Finally, after the target has been locked and the missile has been selected, you may fire it by hitting the F key.

How to customize the keys?

To change the control keys, go to the menu bar and click on the gear icon, then on the button with the text controls. When the button is pushed, a tiny selection of keys appears.

Roblox Aircraft Carrier Controls – Ships

These are all the PC Keyboard Ships Controls

  • W is to go forward
  • S is to go backwards
  • A is portside (left)
  • S Is starboard (right)
  • T is to start the engine

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