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Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough

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Agent A Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Welcome to Agent A Chapter 1 Walkthrough, A Puzzle in disguise, a step by step guide to get to the pool area

Agent A Chapter 2 Walkthrough – First Steps

  • Pick the gold key (move the potted plant) and use it with the panel (left of the door), then press the buttons in this order
    • 1st: Top right
    • 2nd: Middle left
    • 3rd: Down left
    • 4th: Down right
  • Go to the vase, flick the top up and press the red button
  • Take the crank and open the square slot by pressing the red and blue buttons alternatively
  • Examine the plants by the wall

For Agent A Chapter 1 Walkthrough – She Locks you in

  • Once you are locked, go upstairs (piano room), knock over the lamp and take the magnet (bookshelf)
  • (Achievement – Glissando Glide: Run your fingers back and forth along the piano)
  • Then go downstairs and use the magnet in the fish tank to get the metal key, lead it to the tube, open the panel and the filter box
  • Go upstairs (stairs with plants) and open the lock with the metal key
  • Open the drawer to get the yellow wedge piece
  • Go to the bathroom (right door), open the mirror (sink), take the yellow wedge piece and flick the switch to take the pink telescope
  • Tap on all the screens and flick the switch, Turn on the shower and you will see a clock (3:00 pm)
  • Go to Ruby’s study (left door) set the clock to 3:00 pm, and then take the diamond
  • Pick the record (right of the phonograph) and place it on top of the phonograph, add the crank, and turn it, because when the gauge hits red, the screwdriver will fly out and you will be able to pick it up
  • (Achievement – Wuka Wuka: Run your finger along the record for 10 sec)

Agent A Chapter 1 Walkthrough – Get to the Pool

  • Go to the desk and check the note under the ship’s blueprint, remember the symbol
  • (Achievement – STAR 69: Phone – Dial *69)
  • Go to the bedroom (back door), open the chest and place there the yellow wedge pieces
  • Go upstairs and arrange the hanging plants like the stair’s plants: down, up, down and up. Pick the yellow wedge piece and place the pink telescope on the tripod
  • Behind the plant on the white table there is a cube, pick it up, then also tage the yellow wedge piece (seat cushion)
  • Place the yellow wedge pieces in the chest of the bedroom
  • Place the cube in the slot you opened before (red and blue buttons), place the rest of the cubes in the same order of the bedroom’s painting: pink, white, orange, blue and yelow, and take the yellow wedge piece
  • Go to the Living Room and open the panel by the door with the screwdriver, place the diamond in the middle of the laser, open the door and go to the pool

Agent A Chapter 1 Walkthrough


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