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Home » Amplitude Delays “Humankind” Console Release Until Further Notice

Amplitude Delays “Humankind” Console Release Until Further Notice

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Amplitude Delays Humankind

Sega and Amplitude Studios’ upcoming turn-based strategy game Humankind launched on PC and Stadia last year, but consoles fans will have to wait for the port. Originally expected to release next month, Amplitude Studios reports “unexpected challenges” have caused an indefinite delay. Here’s the announcement from Humankind’s Twitter feed:

According to the official delay post, the devs are unable to hint at a new release window for now. But it will likely be pushed into early 2023, alongside a variety of other titles that simply needed more time to create a solid, functioning user experience.

Amplitude Delays Humankind

The delay comes shortly before the expected port, so some players were concerned about pre-orders. Fortunately, Amplitude Studios has reassured fans that players who have already pre-purchased the game on digital storefronts “will receive a refund where applicable”.

Although Humankind caters to a niche audience, the turn-based game has proven to be a decent alternative to Civilization, offering similar gameplay while trying to find its own personality.

The story-driven elements have been praised, and some of the mechanics that got in their own way at launch were eventually smoothed out. However, there are still a variety of issues that resulted in very mixed reviews, and that’s on the PC platform.

So, it’s both natural and beneficial for Humankind to be patient while attempting to port for consoles, where even Civilization has had tricky obstacles to overcome. While it may be disappointing, it’s also an opportunity for the devs to improve their game, which was unstable enough to begin with.

It’s already been a long wait, so waiting a little more should prove worthwhile. Expanding the title to consoles could be a good way to renew interest in the game, which has struggled over the last year, but faltering on port could also lose even more faith in the fans.

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