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Blox Fruits Tier List

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Blox Fruits Tier List

The Blox Fruits Update 17.2 Fruits Tier List below is created by community voting and is the cumulative average rankings from 102 submitted tier lists. The best Blox Fruits Update 17.2 Fruits rankings are on the top of the list and the worst rankings are on the bottom.

What is Roblox Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a game in Roblox with amazing graphics and engaging gameplay. You can play the game as your favorite fruit. You will need blox fruits and swords to fight the enemy in this game. The main objective is to become the strongest player by defeating the enemies. There will be 12 players on one server, and you can even fight with other players to have fun.

Roblox Blox Fruits Tier List

There are different kinds of fruits in the game, and to know which one is the best to fight your enemies, you will need to go through the Tier List we have prepared for you. Our Tier List will be beneficial for you while playing the game by helping you in the following ways.

It will help you to know which fruit is the best to play with and which ones you need to avoid in order to play better. You will also be able to know about the fruits that will give you an edge over other new players and the fruits that you need to avoid for the moment to not compete with higher-level players.

Types of Blox Fruits

Some fruits in blox fruits are natural, while some are beasts and elemental. Before diving into the depth of ranking the fruits, let us have a look at what each type of blox fruit includes.


The word beast itself shows that these fruits are powerful, and players using these also become powerful. You can defeat any boss or enemy while playing with these, as these are top-tier fruits in the game.


Elementals help you make your body an element of the fruit so that all normal attacks pass through your body without hitting you. This gives you an edge over other players, as they cannot easily hit you or take you down.


The natural fruits in themselves do not possess great powers to help you defeat players. They do not even have the ability to provide any kind of boosts to players. However, some of the natural fruits have the ability to mimic elementals and beasts, which makes them possess their powers as well.

Blox Fruit Tier list Breakdown

Now that we have discussed the types of fruits that exist in the game, it is time to rank the fruits to help you pick the best ones.

S-Tier Rumble, Soul, Venom, Dragon, Ice, Buddha, Dough, Dark, Phoenix
A-Tier Sand, String, Paw, Quake, Light, Control, Flame, Magma
B-Tier Shadow, Door, Gravity, Revive, Love, Diamond, Barrier, Rubber, Smoke
C-Tier Chop, Falcon, Spring, Bomb, Spike Spin, Kilo


The blox fruits in S Tier stand out more than any other, and they can help you defeat any boss or enemy that comes in the way. You can never go wrong with S Tier Blox Fruits.

S Tier Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits Type
Rumble Elemental
Soul Natural
Venom Natural
Dragon Beast
Ice Elemental
Buddha Beast
Dough Natural
Dark Elemental
Phoenix Beast


Rumble is a logia-type devil fruit that is very good with mobility. It is the best fruit to take the damage, so use it whenever you want. You can never go wrong while playing with Rumble.


The soul is a natural type of blox fruit. It was added in update 17 and is a rare fruit in the game. It has extraordinary performance and can be collected using the Z move on enemies or killing anyone with the soul skill.


Venom is the second fruit in the game that has a Fury Meter. An important fact about Venom is that it let the players fly in the game. While using Venom, if you sit on a chair, the jumping, running dragon will be transformed into idle animation.


Do not use this fruit unless you are at maximum level, as it causes incredibly great damage. It is considered the most overpowered fruit and is also one of those fruits that glow in its physical form.


Ice is a logia-type devil fruit that is excellent for grinding early game. Moreover, the stuns also enable it to grind in the end game, costing 350k.


Buddha is a devil fruit from the Mythical Zoan type. The best thing about Budhha is that it is very good for tanks. Buddha has a 5% chance of being in the stock. If you want to grind in the new world, keep using Buddha.


The dough is a special natural fruit with a 1.4% chance of being in the stock. Although it is a natural fruit, it functions as an elemental fruit when observation is activated. You can never go wrong with using dough, as it is a top-tier fruit in blox fruits.


Like many other logia-type fruits, dark is also one of them. However, it is not good at grinding like other fruits. Instead, it deals with amazing damage and is good for farming throughout the game, costing 500k.


You should not use Phoenix until you are at the maximum level. While it is an extraordinary performing fruit, it is not good for farming. Moreover, it is also a Mythical Zoan-type Devil fruit.

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The A Tier contains all the strong fruits that will help you gain a lot of power while fighting te enemies. You can use these fruits in different ways, and they can also be used either in attacks or defense. In short, these fruits are the second best after the ones in S Tier.

A Tier Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits Type
Sand Elemental
String Natural
Paw Natural
Quake Natural
Light Elemental
Control Natural
Flame Elemental
Magma Elemental


Sand is that one logia-type devil fruit that is good for grinding throughout the game, and you can use it anytime. It costs players 250k


You will never be disappointed using String, as it is a paramecia-type devil fruit that is good for mobility. It also has the ability to take a lot of damage.


Paw is also a paramecia-type devil fruit that excels in ability. It can also take a lot of damage but requires great reaction time and aiming skill if you want it to be good.


Quake is a paramecia-type devil fruit. It has an above-average performance, so you are safe to use it. It has a 6% chance of being in the stock and is also one of those fruits that glow in its physical form.


Light is a logia-type devil fruit. It is really good for grinding in the game and has the fastest flight in the game. It is very good for hunting devil fruits that are fleeing from the battle. Light costs players 650k.


Control is much similar to Phoenix and is not good for farming, but it has an above-average overall performance, so you can opt for it.


Flame is 250k logia-type devil fruit that is good for early game grinding. The Logia effect makes it better than many other fruits. The user also has the ability to release fire with their hands by directing it in the surface’s direction to deal the damage.


Magma is a really good fruit in an overall sense. It is very easy to use, especially in PvP, grinding, and casual play. It provides immunity from lava that you can find at Magma Village and Hot and Cold Island.


The fruits in B Tier are not as powerful as S Tier and A Tier but have an average performance rating. They can cause enough damage, and some of them are quite good in their performance.

Blox Fruits Type
Shadow Natural
Door Natural
Gravity Natural
Revive Natural
Love Natural
Diamond Natural
Barrier Natural
Rubber Natural
Smoke Elemental


Shadow fruit is paramecia devil-type fruit that is good at taking damage. One good thing about shadow is that it can take short and long-range damage attacks. This is also one of the reasons why shadow is ranked in the top of B Tier Blox fruits.


The door is a natural type of blox fruit that has a 7% chance of being in the stock. You can opt for a door sometimes, but it is not the best option when opting for fruits in the game.


Gravity is another type of paramecia devil fruit. It has an average performance and is very bad for farming. Moreover, it only uses two moves, including “Gravity Push” and ” Meteors Rain.”


The fruit has an ability where players can get back to life after being close to death. It also uses other soul-based abilities to remain alive until its body is damaged. In short, it makes the user a reviving human.


Love is the first fruit that has a physical form transparency level not set to zero. Every move of the player will make the target stone for a moment. Additionally, it is the cheapest fruit that glows in its physical form.


Diamond is an overall balanced fruit. It has fairly good mobility and is blind. If you are in the old world, it is much better to opt for other fruits. The chance of the diamond being in the stock is 9%.


The barrier is an 800k very good PvP fruit with satisfactory performance. It has an 8% chance of being in the stock.


Rubber is a natural blox fruit that was added in update 1. It grants players immunity to Electro, Rumble, and Guns. This immunity is possible due to the electric insulation stretching properties of rubber.


Smoke is Logia Type Devil Fruit. There is no doubt that Smoke is really good for grinding beginners, and it costs players an estimate of 100k.


The fruits in C Tier are the worst as compared to other fruits in the game, and some of these fruits even cause the situation to get worse. You should not opt for these fruits often.

Blox Fruits Type
Chop Natural
Falcon Beast
Spring Natural
Bomb Natural
Spike Natural
Spin Natural
Kilo Natural


It is a new fruit and is widely used by bounty hunters. It is sometimes also used by swordsmen because of the fact that it is immune to all sword attacks. You can get the chop for 30,000 Beli.


Falcon is a beast-type fruit in which active sky jumping along with the Plumage move makes you go higher per jump. It also has some mobility but is not a reliable option to pick.


Spring is a basic beginner’s fruit costing players approximately 60k Beli or 180 Robux. It is used by Jeremy Boss, who is an NPC in the game. This fruit has a 20% chance of being in the stock. It can also be obtained from the blox fruit dealer cousin.


The bomb is a basic beginner’s fruit costing 500 Beli or 50 Robux. You should avoid using bombs. It is mostly used by the Third Sea boss. This fruit has a chance of always being in the stock. You might have heard people joking about bombs by calling them the best fruit, while it is the worst fruit in the game.


Spike is like a bomb, a basic beginner’s fruit that costs players 7500 Beli or 75 Robux. It is also known for always being in the stock alongside the bomb. It deals damage with max mastery but is not a reliable option.


Spin is a common type of natural fruit with a 13% chance of being in the stock. It costs 180,000 Beli or 380 Robux. You cannot rely on spin, so go for any other option than spin.


Kilo is a starter fruit, so you can find it at a low price. It has good mobility air but still cannot catch up with the enemies. Attacking in the air using a kilo does not buff all the damages, so you should avoid using it and opt for other better fruits available in blox fruits.

Blox Fruit Tier List Criteria

Tier Lists are always subjective and vary with the players’ experiences. However, we try our best to not only provide you with up-to-date but also reliable tier lists. Blox Fruits are an important way t fight the enemies, but the decision to pick the best one becomes debatable. Thus, we have provided you with Blox Fruits Tier List to make this choice easier.

Our team at eXputer has been preparing these tier lists for a long time now to assist players. The Blox Fruit Tier List has also been prepared with the help of external research and players’ opinions. We have tried our best to make this tier list free of any biases by testing each fruit in Blox Fruits.


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