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Elden Ring Might Get Ray Tracing And New Dungeons Soon

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Elden Ring Might Get Ray Tracing And New Dungeons Soon

Elden Ring took the world by storm when it was released, and despite already being almost 3 months old, the hype surrounding it has not slowed down. Elden Ring may have been taken down from the spot of the top-selling game on Steam but the community is showing no signs of inactivity.

Speedruns, no-hit runs, and other runs of the like are almost a tradition surrounding FromSoftware games. Another tradition is players making custom builds in their games to overcome various tough challenges or even increase the challenge for them.

Elden Ring is no exception; in fact, Elden Ring is what has possibly nurtured this tradition the most, and this is what has kept the game going strong despite having launched back in February.

Ever since release, Elden Ring has been getting updates, and the latest update seems to suggest that the title will soon be getting Ray Tracing as well.

Major Takeaways:

  • Popular Souls enthusiast and data miner pointed out strings related to Ray Tracing in the latest Elden Ring update.
  • The feature is not added yet but this suggests it may be added in the future soon.

Elden Ring is a magnificent game, but every game has its fair share of imbalances, bugs, and tweaks it needs so that it can go on to become an even better version of itself. The same is true for Elden Ring which has gotten various updates ever since its release.

The updates have been catered to around game balancing, bug fixing, and others. Sadly, despite how visually stunning it looks, the game did not have Ray Tracing.

One would even be surprised to know this as the game looks so amazing without it, and since RT seems to be such a popular feature these days, with Nvidia’s line of RTX cards catered specifically for that, one would wonder why it wasn’t in the game, to begin with, or how amazing it could look with it.

We may not have to wait much longer, according to recent findings pointed out by Lance McDonald, which was found by @sennoutantei. These are menu strings related to Ray Tracing in the latest Elden Ring update, the patch notes for which can have been released for those wondering about all the changes that have been made.

While this does not mean that Ray Tracing has been added in Elden Ring, it very strongly indicates that it will be. How soon, we do not know. It could be as early as the next update or could be a plan further down the line for FromSoftware.

However, this is not the only interesting thing. McDonald also pointed out the following

It has long been rumoured that Elden Ring would get a DLC in the future, as has been the case for the previous souls games by FromSoft especially those published by Bandai Namco.

Not only has it been rumoured but also highly anticipated as Elden Ring’s world and lore were also as overwhelmingly magnificent as its gameplay was. Fans are very eager to go back for a new chapter into the world, or fight new enemies, or anything new FromSoft can cook up for Elden Ring that would provide a fresh experience for players to dive and sink countless hours into.

Neither FromSoft nor Bandai Namco has provided any official confirmation or affirmation regarding future DLC so fans have been left to speculate about not only its possibility but also the possible scenarios or locations it would take us to.

Some popular opinions are Miquella’s Dream or even a DLC set in the past before The Shattering. However, until we get any official confirmation from the developers, or actually see the DLC in action, these are just speculations, but considering the reputation of FromSoft, we can surely expect it to be amazing.

However, these may not be DLC areas and may even be Legacy Dungeons as well, according to new findings by @MagicalShion, pointed out by @sekirodubi.

In the follow-up tweet @sekirodubi states, “For reference m10 is Stormveil, m11 Leyndell, … m19 is stone platform.”

It should also be noted that what is true for Ray Tracing is also for the two areas, they are not added yet but they might be in the future, as early as the next update or later.

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