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Free Chegg Answers 2022: Unblur Chegg Answers

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Free Chegg Answers 2022

Free Chegg Answers 2022: Among the best online tutor services globally, Chegg is one of them. It mainly starts its journey to offer various textbooks and notes according to the students’ choice. Moreover, it is a safe and valid tool to improve your knowledge and give you sources for tests and assignments. So, those who face problems finding answers to any questions come to visit Chegg.

Is it costly to use Chegg?  Most of the students find it difficult to log in free online because they cannot afford Chegg as it is a highly costly and premium version. For them, here we are to inform you about Free Chegg Answers through login to different apps and websites.

We are to show you some easy mind-blowing steps and techniques on how to get Chegg answers free. Yes, you hear right. You need not pay any amount to log in, check and collect your documents.

Why Chegg is important?

During this quarantine, most students face the problem: of finding the answers to solutions of any subjects like math, physics, and chemistry. If you are one of them struggling with making assignments or preparing for the tests, this content will benefit you for sure.

Even for the beginners who are new to this platform, heard for the first time about Chegg, this is the right place for you.

Chegg is here to offer you many answers from several qualified teachers to solve your problem.

How does Free Chegg Answers help you?

First of all, log in to use it. After entering the site, you will find a search option where you can put your questions and find the answer.

Difference between Chegg and Google:

You can find an answer from both Google and Chegg, but are both give you a logical answer? Of course not. You can find many answers on Google, but there are no tutors to help you and give you the most logical answer. Here you will get only an automatic answer.

On the other hand, on Chegg, you can find there someone waiting to help you at any difficulty level that is more beneficial than the machine.

How to get Chegg Answers Free?

You can follow these tips and techniques if you are looking for Chegg study and Chegg tutors and books free of charge. Let’s learn about it.


Step1: First, install Chegg++ on your android phone. But, if you are using the ios version, you need to change some features of your phone. Make sure your orientation is locked and auto-rotation is turned off.

Then, go to the ‘setting option’. Move on to the ‘general setting’ and find ‘background app refresh option’ and turn it on with wifi also.

For Android users, you need to switch off your battery saver mode.

Step 2: Open any browser and go to the app named that you need to use for a free version.

Step 3: Go to the search button and type Chegg then you will find Chegg++ on the screen.

Step 4: Tap on the icon Chegg++ and download the apps. After downloading is complete, you will find an ‘ok’ button to install the apps on your device.

Step 5: Then, you will find an approval for installation. So, tap the ‘allow button’ to continue the apps.

For ios or other i-phone users, it is going to be a little bit complicated. For those are the following steps.

Step1: After tapping the ‘agree button’ for installation Chegg, you need to go to the setting of your phone as it does not have any downloaded file like an android.

Step2: Then, you will get the new tab named profile downloaded. Click on it and download to enjoy Chegg.

Tweak Elite Free Chegg Answers:

Tweak Elite is another website for downloading Chegg++. This is the only working alt App Store with many tweaked apps; game hacks also paid apps that you can get all for free. It just needs some processes to download the apps:

  • Search ‘Chegg study ++
  • Download it to install on your phone.

However, keep that in mind that, verify your device version. For verification, they may redirect you to another app for downloading. You have to download at least 3 apps to ensure verification and submission.

Then, enter the apps and type download. After that, you will be redirected to your official app store.

After downloading, make sure to turn on your device again. Then, you will see a newly added app named Chegg++. By chance, if you don’t see it, then repeat the whole process in the same way.

 Chegg trial period:

Another option for getting answers for free is the Chegg trial period. How can you grab the chance? Let’s see:

Step1: First, you need to create an account on For this, search on Google and write Then, you will find the website.

Step2: Click on the sign-in option.

Step3: Then, put your email address and password or choose the account you like.

Step4: After that, you will find options as are you student or parent.

Step5: Choose your option, and that is I am a student.

Step6: Then, fill in where you study in high school or college.

Step7: Type your name or university or choose it from the drop-down. Then, choose year of passing.

Step8: Then, tap on “creating an account.” to finish registration. Now, you can see your profile on the right side of the front page of

Step9: Go to the profile and select my account option. After that, you will get payment info. Finally, add all your bank account details and start a 4-week free trial session.

Cancel the log in before the trial period end. Remember, you will get the chance only for four weeks. After that, you can’t be able to use Chegg for free. If you want to use more, you can create another account using another credential.

·        Discord:

Discord is another app that provides many servers, channels, and communities to help you with the answers, tasks, and quizzes to unblur the Chegg answers. You can post any questions here. First of all, learn about the mobile version of these apps.

For getting the answers legally, you need to go for the premium. If you are lack money or student, then follow these steps:

  • Download the app named ‘Discord’ from play store.
    • Go to the search bar and type study space
  • Go to the channel named unlock-bot-1
  • Copy the question URL from Google and then paste it here.
  • Tap send button in this channel.
  • Then, you will find the answer here from the botin the Html file.
  • Download the file and get your answer through your browser

How to use discord on a laptop?

Entering the Discord website, you will find two options. As:

  1. Download for windows
  2. Open Discord in your browser. 

Then follow the given steps:

    • Choose the second one and enter your user name
    • Go to ‘create your first discord server’.
    • Fill out the form with email address and password to secure the account
  • Then, select the button named ‘claim account’.
  • Cross the pop up like ‘desktop app’ and move on
  • Then you need to verify your account

After verification, a new display will be shown on your desktop.

Go to any server and drop your question URL from Google for the answer.

Overall, we can say now you know all details about Free Chegg answers and how to get Chegg answers free following 4 appsFollow the given methods carefully and enjoy your study.

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