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OlliOlli World Trailer Reveals Final Expansion For November

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OlliOlli World Trailer Reveals Final Expansion For November

OlliOlli World, the indie skateboarding platformer that launched earlier this year, has just revealed key details for its last expansion, “Finding the Flowzone”. The expansion is scheduled to launch on November 2nd, 2022, for PS4 and PS5.

PlayStation’s Twitter feed, which includes a brief gameplay teaser:

OlliOlli World was a runaway hit when it launched back in February, as the indie successfully combined a sparkling personality with fun platforming. The game has surprising creativity, and a very enjoyable sense of humor, as seen in today’s trailer with the amusing song. OlliOlli World sticks to a lane and excels at it, indulging fantasy elements without losing a tactile experience.

The word Flowzone is a cute play on words, as in Ozone, since the new expansion is set in the clouds. Finding the Flowzone looks every bit as innovative and charming as previous updates, adding a new Windzone mechanic to create new opportunities for progression and exploration.

The official post warns that players will need to be pretty experienced to use Windzones. There will also be new Burly routes, which will require equally advanced skills to master.

Ultimately, this makes the expansion feel like a bittersweet and smart series finale. It’s basically a reward for fans who have been playing since launch, which doesn’t seem that long ago. The cleverness and volume of the new content will definitely be satisfying, earning replay value through difficulty.

OlliOlli World has received almost unanimous praise, so it’ll be great to see where British developer Roll7 goes next. Right now, Roll7 continues to delve into successful sports hits with Rollerdrome, which boasts an equally unique art design and strong reviews.

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