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Home » PlayStation Reveals God Of War Ragnarok Bundle For November

PlayStation Reveals God Of War Ragnarok Bundle For November

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PlayStation Reveals God Of War Ragnarok Bundle For November

PlayStation has just released a God of War Ragnarok gameplay trailer to tease an upcoming console bundle, due November 9th, 2022. A few key features were teased, including 4K and 3D audio. You can watch the full trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here:

God of War Ragnarok is one of the most hotly anticipated titles in the industry, a powerhouse franchise that has been a key agent in selling new generations of consoles. So, although today’s footage looks gorgeous, it’s a little unfortunate that the marketing itself isn’t quite up to par.

PlayStation reveals God of War Ragnarok

Most fans were hoping for a themed PlayStation 5 console, which does allow owners to customize their plates. Conceptually, custom plates are a great business decision, as it lets owners express themselves. But of all games to overlook, it does seem like a wasted opportunity to omit God of War Ragnarok plates.

After all, God of War has previously offered some very unique limited editions. Responses to today’s trailer immediately drew comparisons to last gen’s stunning and intricately detailed art design. This included both the console and controller, with sleek, silver faces.

Hopefully, PlayStation will announce something more in the future, since they surely recognize they could print money with a PS5 bundle. It’s already difficult enough for players to get their hands on a PS5, so it’s a shame that a new bundle doesn’t really offer any special and exclusive incentives.

The trailer promises 4K resolution, but there hasn’t been any word if it will support 60 FPS or not. This would be ideal and likely, given the PS5, but it isn’t concrete yet. There also hasn’t been a price tag for the bundle, but pre-orders for the game are sitting at $69.99 USD.

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