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Blade And Soul Symphony of Destruction Update – Musician 15th player class & new mount system

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Blade And Soul Symphony of Destruction Update

NCSOFT today announced the release of the new update Symphony of Destruction for Blade & Soul, available now to everyone. Symphony of Destruction is one of the biggest updates to the game this year. In addition to the musician as a 15th player class and a new mount system, it also brings the dungeon “Ritual Forest of the Grimmhorn” (Demon Bane system) into play. In addition to other new content, there are system updates and quality-of-life improvements.

Symphony of Destruction offers

The Musician Class – As the 15th player class in Blade & Soul, the Musician has a special role in dealing damage and supporting her allies. Using a zither as a weapon, she channels her music into powerful effects – from note bullets to melodic shields and harmonies as group support, the musician offers a dedicated solo and group experience. Mastering the combat rotations unlocks a fighter who can switch between her skills and stances, elevating not only her spirits but the spirit of the group as well. The Glissando stance allows fans to compose their own in-game music from a selection of 24 musical notes. The Mount System – Up until now, Blade & Soul has utilized the Windwalk system, which allowed for quick and efficient movement through the large, open world of the Earthen Realm. However, with the mounts, fans will be able to get around with unlimited stamina. Mounts will only be available for open-world travel – they cannot be used in dungeons or during combat. The Grimmhorn Ritual Forest Dungeon – The new dungeon in Blade & Soul is a Mythic Dungeon (Demon Bane system) that features dynamic difficulty and escalating rewards. Nestled in a massive tree near an abandoned shrine, the Ritual Forest is teeming with dark occultists, the Eclipse Drakes. You must enter the dungeon and stop their nefarious rituals.

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