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Fishing Simulator Chest Locations

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Fishing Simulator Chest Locations

Fishing Simulator Chest Locations is a guide where we will provide you all the chest locations in the game, one of the best ways to farm gold and gems

Find chests to get gems (up to 30) or gold (up to 450), here you can check all the current chest locations

Fishing Simulator Chest – Port Jackson

There are 5 chests in Port Jackson:

  • Finn’s shop > Under the stairs
  • Deckard’s shop > 2nd floor > behind furniture
  • Blue building (left of spawn) > Inside the cave behind the blue building
  • Rodney’s home > by his bed
  • Orange house > inside a secret cave near the orange house

Fishing Simulator Chest – Eruption Island

There are 4 chests in Eruption Island:

  • Volcano > head to the top of the volcano, there is a path to get there
  • Volcano > Inside the volcano, complete the obby
  • Laba obby > once you reach the area with 3 ice guns, take the path to the left of the respawn
  • Fish Seller > inside the hut with a shield with 2 crossed spears

Fishing Simulator Chest – Shadow Isles

There are 3 chests in Shadow Isles:

  • Sharkira’s house > inside
  • Sailor’s viewpoint > on the side
  • Reach the top of the island with lava falling from it

Ancient Island

There are 4 chests in Ancient Island:

  • Goliath’s hut > inside
  • Balloon > there is a blue pressure plate behind the wall, near the balloon
  • Temple entrance > Above the rusty door with three lights
  • Treasure room > inside

Sunken Ship Zone

There is 1 chest in Sunken Ship Zone:

  • Red Ship

Monster’s Borough

There are 4 chests in Monster’s Borough

  • Above the gate of the main island
  • Follow the beach to the end and find it right of the jetty, behind a rock
  • Pirate Ship
  • 3rd island >  bottom if looking at map on a grass ledge

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