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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Campaign: Over 45 Missions, 80 Hours Not Enough to Complete

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Campaign

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is out in less than two months, however, many players still have questions about the game. Luckily, Firaxis has launched a new series of developer live streams that should provide more gameplay and information on the new XCOM-style tactical RPG. The first installment includes new gameplay featuring characters such as Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Blade, Wolverine, Iron Man and Magik.

The developer’s Q&A video ends with Creative Director Jake Solomon and Producer Garth DeAngelis answering a few questions about the game. We’ve already heard that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is going to be a big game, but the developers have gone into detail, promising a campaign that will require you to complete “at least 45 missions” and over 80 hours of gameplay for those who want to try out all the additional content.

“I would say that the campaign lasts 50 hours. I would say that the minimum could be 40-45 hours. This refers to a really direct, “golden” path, no additional content, no additional missions. As you can imagine, we have a lot of additional content. We’ve had a lot of user testing and a lot of people play over 70-80 hours. And that’s without even going through all of the additional content. This is truly an RPG, and the game is up to you.”

Solomon also drew attention to the deckbuilding aspect of the rather controversial Midnight Suns card system. While your hand will be random, it turns out you’ll have quite a bit of power over what cards each character brings into battle.

“You have a card limit in your hand, but it is very large. This is 10 cards. It will be rare when you achieve this. Each hero brings 8 cards into battle, and it’s up to you, the player, to decide which cards they are. As you play, especially with your favorite heroes, you will customize each hero’s abilities. With Hunter [созданным игроком], which has so many abilities to choose from, becomes very difficult. You can unlock things like combos – they come from friendship. As you build friendships with other heroes in the hub, a few combo cards are added.”

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