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Project Hot Wife Walkthrough & Guide

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Project Hot Wife Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Project Hot Wife Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

Project Hot Wife Walkthrough

Chapter 1 to 4

  • Friday Evening (Bar) > What’s wrong & But, it sounds interesting
  • Saturday Midday (Jenny’s Office) > We should accept
  • Sunday Morning (Living room) > No problem
  • Sunday Midday (Clothes store) > Yes
  • Tuesday Night (Bedroom) > Surprisingly yes & Don’t mention it
  • Thursday Midday (Jenny’s Office) > if it will make her happier than yes
  • Friday Night (Club) > This is so exciting
  • Saturday Night (Bedroom) > Continue
  • Sunday Morning (House) > Continue
  • Sunday Night (Living room) > Maybe & Ignore it
  • Monday Midday (Ed’s office) > Open the door
  • Monday Midday (Merry’s office) > Maybe a little more
  • Tusday Midday (Jenny’s Office) > Just a little more
  • Tusday Evening (Club) > I already came this far
  • Wednesday Evening (Home) > Yes, he should know
  • Thursday Midday (Ed’s office) > I need to do this

Chapter 5 to 8

  • Thursday Evening (Jenny’s Office) > I need to do this
  • Friday morning (Doctor’s office) > Never mind it’s ok
  • Friday afternoon (Doctor’s office) > No, please continue
  • Monday Midday (Ed’s office) > I don’t think so
  • Monday Evening (Home) > Take advantage of the situation
  • Tuesday Morning (Boutique) > Try to make an impression
  • Tuesday Midday (Home) > Yes, i need to know everyting,  (This is enough) & also I… can’t decide i…
  • Wednesday Morning (Home) > Your well being the most important

Chapter 9 to 13 – Project Hot Wife Walkthrough

  • Wednesday Midday (Jenny’s office) > I’ll do anyting for her, With what ever she asks and also I think she is wrong
  • WednesdayMidday (Merry’s office) > I want too, but i am not sure i can, I can’t go that far and also I’ll chagne in the restrom
  • Wednesday Evening (Home) > I can try talking to Ed
  • Friday Midday (Cell) > Stop, that’s enough, Maybe i should stay, Maybe i should stay and also Maybe i should stay
  • Saturday Afternoon (Private pool) > No, she needs more
  • Saturday Evening (Mason’s home) > No, i’ll do it & also You’d better finish what you started
  • SaturdayNight (Street) > No reason to
  • Sunday midday (Merry’s office) > It’s nothing…
  • Sunday Night (Home) > It’s nothing… and also that was fine by me
  • Monday Morning (Home) > I don’t want to stop
  • Monday Midday (Ed’s office) > No
  • MondayEvening (Restaurant) > Yes

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