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House Party Cheats – Console Commands

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House Party Cheats – Console Commands

House Party Cheats & Console Commands, hope you enjoy all the available cheats: Combat, items, intimacy, sizes, boost stats, complete quests (automatically)

House Party Cheats – Combat

Console command: combat [charactername(s)] [passout, wakeup or fight]

Cheat example – combat Madison Patrick fight: To make Madison and Patrick fight

  • 1st term: always = combat
  • 2nd term: the character or characters you want
  • 3rd term: passout, wakeup or fight

House Party Cheats – Add Item

Console command:  player inventory add [item name]

Cheat example – player inventory add natty

  • You can only change the item name, the last term of the console command

House Party Cheats – Complete Quests

Console command: quest [start or complete] [“quest name”]

Cheat example – quest complete “scavenger hunt”: to complete that quest

  • 1st term: always = quest
  • 2nd term: choose start or complete the quest
  • 3rd term: To see all the available quests commands use the command quest list [person’s name]

House Party Cheats – Boost Friendship or Romance

Console command: social [target person] player [number] [friendship or romance] add

Cheat example – social Ashley player 100 friendship add

  • 1st term: always = social
  • 2nd term: choose the character you want
  • 3rd term: always = player
  • 4th term: a number up to 100
  • 5th term: choose between friendship or romance
  • 6th term: always = add

House Party Cheats – Intimacy

Console command: intimacy player [charactername] [position] [se*xualact]

Cheat example – intimacy player Madison 10030 se*xualact: To have intimacy with Madison

  • 1st term: always = intimacy player
  • 2nd term: the character you want
  • 3rd term position: 9000, 10000, 10011, 10030, 10050, 10051, 10052, 10053, 10054, 10055, 10056 and also 10057, try them all
  • 4th term: always “sextu*alact”

House Party Cheats – Intimacy Sensitivity

Console command: values player Org*asmSensitivity equals [value]

Cheat example – values player Org*asmSensitivity equals 9: To adjust intimacy sensitivity to max

  • You can only adjust the value, a number from 0 (min) to 9 (max)

House Party Cheats – Body parts size

Console command: bodypart [body part] [target person] [value]

Cheat example – bodypart feet Leah 0.50: to reduce Leah’s feet by 50%

  • 1st term: always = bodypart
  • 2nd term – bodypart: ti*ts, head, pen*is, hands, butt, feet
  • 3rd term: The character you want
  • 4th term: a value from 0,1 to 0,99 to reduce or a value from 1,01 to 10 to increase

House Party Cheats – Get Drunk

Console command: social player drunk add [number]

Cheat example – social player drunk add 10

  • You can only change the final number, a value from 0 to 10 or 100

House Party Cheats – Remove Clothes

Console command: clothing [character name][cloth] [on or off]

Cheat example – clothing Leah 2 off: to remove Leah’s pants

  • 1st term: always = clothing
  • 2nd term: The character you want
  • 3rd term – cloth: 0 = top, 1 = bottom, 2 = pants, 3 = bra, 4 = shoes
  • 4th term: on or off (to remove)

House Party Cheats – Give Glasses

Console command: [character] mount item glasses head true

Cheat example – Leah mount item glasses head true

  • You can only change the character name, type the character you want


Console command: [character] personality exhibitionism equals 100

Cheat example – Leah personality exhibitionism equals 100

  • You can only change the character name, type the character you want

Pose for you

Console command:  [character] pose [respective pose] true

Cheat example – Leah pose 3 true: Lea will pose for you with hands behind back

  • 1st term: The character you want
  • 2nd term: always = pose
  • 3rd term –  pose numbers: from 1 to 32, try them all
  • 4th term: always = true

Other Cheats & Console Commands

  • ChangeSize: Change the size of people or objects.
  • Crosshair: Change the design of your cursor.
  • Dance: Make characters dance or stop dancing.
  • Dialogue: Trigger certain dialogues
  • GameMsg: Display any kind of text in the game.
  • Emote: Make the mimics of characters change.
  • Events: Trigger certain events
  • Fade: Useless, just to fade in or fade out.

Character’s placement

Lock or unlock doors

[lock or unlock] door [door name]

Prevent characters from moving

[character] roaming false allow

Make characters walk to

[character] walk to [location]

Teleport a character in front of you

[character] warpto player

Nine Parchments Unlock all Characters – Cheat & Guide

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