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Home » Lost Eidolons Gift Guide – Best Gifts

Lost Eidolons Gift Guide – Best Gifts

Lost Eidolons Gift Guide

Lost Eidolons Gift Guide – Best Gifts, for more Rapport – All the characters and their best gifts & where or how to obtain each gift

The best gifts are those that give the highest amounts of Rapport, so you are interested in knowing them and knowing how or where they are obtained to maximize relationships with the characters

Lost Eidolons Gift Guide – Best Gifts

These are all the characters and their best gifts

  • Aged Grimoire– Gabriel, Marchelle
  • Beer– Francisco, Gilbert, Robin, Sera
  • Brass Sheath– Karin
  • Fishing Rod– Leon, Karin
  • Gilded Goblet– Leon, Linard
  • History Book– Levana
  • Leather Handicraft– Leon, Linard
  • Ledger– Marchelle
  • Lime Cordial– Dane, Francisco, Gilbert, Robin, Sera
  • Rare Cordial– Dane
  • Rare Flowers– Dane
  • Saddle Blanket– Robin
  • Soldier’s Badge– Andrea, Francisco, Linard, Karin
  • Training Spear– Andrea, Francisco, Linard, Karin
  • World Map– Marchelle, Robere

Lost Eidolons Gift Guide – Gifts Locations

Here you can find where or how to obtain each gift

  • Aged Grimoire– Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • Beer– Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • Brass Sheath– ??
  • Fishing Rod(Rare) – Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • Gilded Goblet(Rare) – Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • History Books– ??
  • Leather Handiwork– Complete A Commander’s Gift (chapter 5) also Salma Vendor
  • Ledger– Sparkling item in camp
  • Lime Cordial– Complete The Stomach of War (chapter 5)
  • Rare Cordial– ??
  • Rare Flowers– ??
  • Saddle Blanket– Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • Soldiers Badge– Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • Training Spear– Salma Vendor (Rare Item)
  • World Map– Salma Vendor (Rare Item)

Salma Vendor Location

The vendor Salma only appears every two chapters (chapter 2, 4, 6…), and the items she sells are random, although she almost always has 4 common items that you can buy for 200 gold, and a rare item, which you can buy for 300 gold

About Lost Eidolons

The land of Benerio was once a shining kingdom by the sea. Then an iron-fisted conqueror, Ludivictus, set the world on fire and redrew the maps. Now Benerio is one downtrodden province in a crumbling Empire where the only true master is corruption.

Enter Eden, a charming mercenary captain forced to become a rebel commander when his village is thrust headfirst into war. Now Eden must rally his allies and stand tall against an imperial army, fearsome monsters, and enemies within.

Strategically station your soldiers in every battle to take advantage of their class and magic skills. Master the battlefield and seize victory in challenging grid-based combat scenarios.


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