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Home » New Poppy Playtime Hidden Details Cause Chapter 3 Release Date Hype

New Poppy Playtime Hidden Details Cause Chapter 3 Release Date Hype

New Poppy Playtime Hidden Details Cause Chapter 3

New Poppy Playtime Video’s Hidden Details Cause Ch.3 Release Date Hype

MOB Games celebrates Poppy Playtime’s one-year anniversary with a video containing hidden details that might hint at Chapter 3 content.

Poppy Playtime developer MOB Games has released a video celebrating the horror game’s one-year anniversary, and it contains a few hidden details that seemingly tease the upcoming Chapter 3. A Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 teaser trailer was released by MOB in August of this year, just three months after Chapter 2‘s release. By the looks of the ambiguous teaser, players will be exploring a different part of Playtime Co. Factory, possibly with an even darker story than the previous chapters.


It’s been one whole year since Poppy Playtime‘s extremely successful release, and fans are still looking forward to more. With its colorful and almost family-friendly outward appearance covering a seriously dark, grotesque, and twisted story, Poppy Playtime has captured a sizable audience of players. While it was initially regarded as a Five Nights at Freddy’s clone by some, and Poppy Playtime‘s Huggy Wuggy caused controversy among parents, the indie title has quickly become a colorful survival horror staple.

MOB Games‘ Poppy Playtime anniversary video features the team thanking players for a wonderful year and cracking jokes, but it also provides some hidden hints about Chapter 3. The thumbnail features a number one next to Huggy Wuggy’s bloody hand similar to what was seen in Chapter 3‘s trailer. Then, after the message from MOB Games, the video glitches, revealing three interesting details. These include an image discovered by Twitter user nmbvideoandgames that appears to be a music box, a Latin phrase translating to “not what you expect,” and the numbers “10” and “31.” Nmbvideoandgames has suggested that the music box could allude to a new antagonist in Chapter 3, possibly a Jack In The Box.

It’s already been established that a gas mask appears in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3and while a Jack In The Box did not appear outright in the teaser, it could still be hidden. It’s been assumed that “10” and “31” refer to the date October 31, but the phrase “not what you expect” is harder to decode. It’s possible that a new trailer for Chapter 3 will release on Halloween, likely announcing a release date. That being said, it would be unexpected for Chapter 3 to release in its entirety on Halloween.

The brief trailer and theories based on what players have uncovered in Poppy Playtime suggest that Chapter 3 will take place in the Playcare portion of Playtime Co., which held children involved in Playtime’s adoption and experimentation program. Fans will have to wait until October 31 to find out what these hints really mean, but in the meantime they can pick up an official Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy Halloween costume for the occasion.


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