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Home » Artery Gear Glossary Guide ( Buff and Debuff Guide)

Artery Gear Glossary Guide ( Buff and Debuff Guide)

Artery Gear Glossary Guide

Hi Guys, Welcome to our Artery Gear Glossary Guide, In this Artery Gear Glossary Guide We will show you Artery Gear Buff & Debuff

Artery Gear Glossary Guide ( Buff and Debuff Guide)

Anti-Heal/Infirmity: This makes the target unable to be healed.

AoE: An “Area of Effect” Attack that hits multiple/all enemies

Attack Buff: Increases the Attack of the Target by 50%

Greater Attack Buff: Increases the Attack of the Target by 75%

Attack Down: Decreases target’s Attack by 50%.

Barrier/Warding Shield: Neutralizes some of the damage taken when attacked.

Blind: Decreases target’s Hit Chance by 50%. It makes the target deal only 75% damage and can’t do critical hits when that happens.

Bubble: Special buff gained by Meredith. If an attack would be fatal, health stops at 1, buff will be lifted, will heal 20% max health and will perform an additional normal attack. (S1)

Buff Block/Feeble: Makes the target unable to be buffed.

Buff Red: Reduces the duration of buffs by a specified amount

Buff Scaling: Skill that scales with the amount of Buffs

Burn: Target receives damage proportional to the caster’s Attack (60%) at the beginning of the turn. It ignores 70% of the target’s defense.

CD Increase: Increases the cooldown of the target

Chain Restrict/Bind: Can’t proc dual attack.

Cleanse: Removes Debuffs off the Target

Counterattack: YOU HIT ME I HIT YOU 100%

Crit Damage Buff: Increase Critical Damage by 50%

Crit Down: Reduces Targets Critrate by 50%

Crit Up/Critical Strike: Increases Critical Chance by 50%.

Crit Red: Reduces received Crit Damage

Crit Resistance: Decreases the chance of target suffering a Critical Hit by 50%.

CR Push: Increases the Actionbar

CR Red: Reduces the Cooldown of the Skills of the Target

Debuff Scaling: Damage scales with the amount of specified debuffs on the target

Defense Buff: Increases target’s Defense by 60%.

Defense Down: Decreases target’s Defense by 70%.

Demonized Gain 20% lifesteal. Cannot be dispelled.

Penetrate: Penetrates the Defense of the Target

Defense Scaling: Skill that scales with the Max Defense

Delay: Reduces the Actionbar of the Target

Detonate: Inflicts damage by activating any DoT effects inflicted on the enemy. Damage is proportional to the number of turns and number of effects.

Dispel: Removes buff(s) from the target.

Dmg Reduction: 20% Damage Reduction

Dual Attack: Act of another unit attacking with their basic attack outside of their turn

E-Kit: Revives with 30% health if unit dies while having the Emergency Kit buff

Effectiveness Down: Decreases effectiveness by 50%.

Effectiveness Up: Increases effectiveness by 50%.

Empathic Link Whenever an ally other than yourself takes damage, you take 18% of the damage dealt that ignores defense.

Energy: probably Focus

Evasion/Dodge: 50% chance to Evade an attack, unless otherwise stated in skill description.

ExtendBuff: Extends the Duration of the Buffs

ExtendDebuff Extends the Duration of the Debuffs

Extinction/Core Break: Killed unit cannot be revived

Extra Attack: An additional Attack

Extra Turn: Gain an extra Turn

Greater Speed Buff: (Greater Speed Buff) Increases target’s Speed by 50%.

Harpist’s Curse: Debuff given by Harpist boss

Heal: Heals the target.

Heal Over Time/Rejuvination: Target heals % of health each round

Hit Up: 50% increase to the Hitrate

HP Scaling: Skill that scales with the Max Health

Immortality/Unyielding: Target will not perish when HP reaches 1 while under this buff.

Immunity: Grants Immunity – can’t be given debuffs

Invincible: Invincibility – can’t be dealt damage or given debuffs

Kill Reset: Resets Cooldown on Kill

Lifesteal: Healing received that scales with the Damage dealt

LostHp: Skill that scales with the lost Health

Mark/Targeted: Reduces enemy evasion by 15% and increase damage dealt by 15%

Overheated Arms: Skill cooldown can’t be lowered naturally.

Passive: A passive skill

Passive Lock: Target can’t use passive skills


Prohibited Returnal: When an ally has this buff, enemy units can not be revived.

Safeguard: Shares a certain amount of damage with the attacked target.

Corrosion: At the start of the Turn, causes 5% of the max Health of the Target and ignores all damage reduction effects

Power: Special Buff for Verbana. Attack +15% and Hit/Eff +15%.

Provoke: Target attacks the enemy who provoked them with a basic skill at the start of the turn.

Random Buff: Randomly gives one of the following buffs: Attack Buff, Defense Buff, Crit Buff and Crit Hit Resistance

Reflection: Reflects X% of damage back to attacker.

Rejection: Debuff obtained after 15-30 rounds in battle based off a character’s Prosthesis Rate. Halves Attack, Defense and Speed.

Resistance Buff: Increases targets resistance by 50%

Restricted: The target will receive no Combat Readiness increase/decrease effects other than those provided by their Speed stat.


Shock: Target receives damage proportional to the caster’s Attack (30%) at the beginning of the turn. It ignores 70% of the target’s defense.

Silence: Target can only use Basic Attacks

Paralyzed/Breakdown: The target becomes unable to act for a certain number of turns. Received damage counts as a Critical Hit, and the effect is dispelled after being attacked.

Shura Mode Buff: Buff gained when using Shura’s S3. Gain +30% attack and +20% speed.

Slow: Reduces the Speed of the Target by 30%. Greater Slow is 45%.

Speed Buff: Increases target’s Speed by 30%.

SpeedScaling: Skill that scales with the Max Speed

Spider Buff: Special Buff for Cindy, Feidy and Fuely

Stealth: Cannot be targeted if there are other allies. Takes 50% less damage during AoE attacks, and is disabled once hit.

Stun: Debuff that makes the Target unable to move



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