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Home » League of Legends reveals Empyrean skins in new trailer

League of Legends reveals Empyrean skins in new trailer

League of Legends reveals Empyrean skins in new trailer

League of Legends has surprised fans today with a new trailer for the Empyrean skinline, corresponding characters, and the release date. Pyke, Jax, Vex, Zac, Zed, Jhin, Lux, and K’Sante will all get the Empyrean makeover on November 3rd, 2022.

The trailer confirms a variety of leaks from last month, which hinted at the Worlds 2022 Empyrean cosmetics. The music and editing are very engaging, and the trailer description credits popular video editor Watuzzz for artistic contribution.

All of Watuzzz’s most recent videos have been focusing on Valorant, so it’s great to see them return to League of Legends again. On Watuzzz’s YouTube channel, their most viewed edit remains a League of Legends video from years ago, which has a similar vibe to today’s gem:

The music and cinematics for the Empyrean 2022 skins are satisfying, but it’s a relief to see the cosmetics in-game as well. This gives players a better idea of how the skins will look beside each other, since they could have ended up pretty confusing with poor detailing.

Fortunately, the neon designs are brimming with personality, standing apart from most skins, while also incorporating successful elements from previous lines. The streamlined art design shouldn’t look too muddled during gameplay.

More importantly, Empyrean 2022 is bold without trying too hard, which can be a tricky line to walk for any title. It’s also been a complaint with previous League of Legends releases.

The selection of characters has received almost unanimous praise from the fans. Although there’ll always be a few left out that deserve more attention, Jhin has been one of them for a while. A lot of Jhin mains were relieved, especially to find something so unique in store.


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