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Tower of Fantasy Guide Wiki – Shop, Coins, Quest

Tower of Fantasy Guide Wiki

Hi guys, welcome to our Tower of Fantasy Guide Wiki, In this Tower of Fantasy Guide Wiki we will tell you about the Tower of Fantasy Shop and Tower of Fantasy Coin.

Tower of Fantasy Guide Wiki

Tower of Fantasy Infinite Climb

Climb walls while consuming nearly 0 endurance.

Let Go + Double Jump + Grab On

How to Tower of Fantasy Infinite Climb On PC

CTRL + Space + Space + W

Climb past ledges that block you from climbing vertically.

Backward Dash + Jump + Forward Dash


Right Click + Space + Right Click

Samir’s aerial hold attack allows skilled users to soar even higher. Hold Left Click after the jump till you kick upwards, then fast Right Click when you reach the top height before kicking downward.

Tower of Fantasy Jetpack Dash

Use your jetpack to glide and execute a dodge to get further. Reactivate your jetpack after the dash distance is over. You may glide for long distances while gaining a lot of ground if you repeat this method with your dashes.

Utilizing The World Map For Exploration

A somewhat wider range of view is offered by the complete globe map than by the minimap. You can find exploration sites that are just out of your minimap’s field of view by often checking it while you’re exploring.

Daily Free Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Gifts

You can find an arcade machine close to Slayer on Tower of Fantasy Cetus Island if you walk right through the tent in the center. Three times a day, you can play with the claw machine to receive gifts that increase Tower of Fantasy simulacra affinity and friendship.

Although the items you can get are predetermined, the purple fox is a gift from the purple tier. The black robot cat (on a different purple tier) keeps slipping out of the claw, so I’m not even sure whether it can be grabbed.

The Tower of Fantasy NPC Hopkins, located at the Tower of Fantasy Black Market, is a different location where free presents are available (near the world boss Apophis).

You will be given the option between two mystery boxes when you speak to him. Each day, there is a chance to receive gifts from the purple tier.

Tower of Fantasy Guide Shop Guide

In order to purchase from the Tower of Fantasy Guide Shop, you need to use a Tower of Fantasy type of currency. Depending on which one, it can be earned from Tower of Fantasy quests, farming, exploring the open world, completing achievements, single-player challenges, multiplayer challenges, dungeons, or using real money.

Tower of Fantasy Shop for Energy Crystals

Where is it obtained?

Mainly in the 1-Player challenges called WormHole and Previous Phantom. You can buy coins, improvements for certain devices and artifacts, items to improve armor, and improve weapons, among others.

Shop for Tower of Fantasy Black Market Gold

Where can it be found? You receive 1 coin for each spin or attempt in the gacha. With 120 you can buy SSRs weapons that you already own. You can also buy SRs weapons and upgrade materials

Shop for Tower of Fantasy Prototype Chips

Where can it be found? Taking out repeated chips in the chip gacha. Allows you to buy the different types of chips to improve weapons.

Shops for Tower of Fantasy Medals of Merit

Where is it obtained? From guild activities you can get this currency Some items for sale cannot be purchased as they are unlocked by guild level.

Shop for Tower of Fantasy Training Medals

Where is it ocated? Completing the Tower of Fantasy minigames that are in the open world You can buy purple gacha cores, money, Tower of Fantasy weapon upgrade materials, chips and armor, cards to open special chests, and more.


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