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My Isekai Life trailer reveal and release date

My Isekai Life trailer reveal and release date

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Lifeor My Isekai Life as it’s known in English, will be released in July 2022 for the Summer 2022 anime season.

My Isekai Life is an action and adventure isekai with many elements that resemble So I’m a Spider, So What? and That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime. Still, it is unique in its own way. This story follows the main character called, Yuuji Sano. Yuuji is a black company employee that is summoned to another world while finishing his work at home.

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life

His profession in the other world, a Monster Tamer, is considered a job that makes it challenging to become an adventurer. But thanks to some slimes he met, he gained magical powers and a second profession: Sage. After acquiring this impressive power, he has unknowingly become the strongest in the world.

The official trailer for My Isekai Life showcases an anime that contains many slimes, RPG elements, humor, and so much more.

The main characters and their voice actors in this series include:

  • Yuuji Sano, who is voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi. Chiaki is known for his roles as Askeladd in Vinland Saga, Louis James Moriarty in Moriarty the Patriot, and Yuuichi Katagiri in Tomodachi Game.
  • Dryad, who is voiced by Azumi Waki. Azumi is known for her roles as Rem Galleu in How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Senko in The Helpful Fox Senko-san, and Hinata Tachibana in Tokyo Revengers.
  • Proud Wolf is voiced by Wataru Takagi. Wataru is known for his roles as Zoro Roronoa in One Piece, Eikichi Onizuka in Great Teacher Onizuka, and Caiman in Dorohedoro. 

The voice actors will work alongside some prominent names, such as Keisuke Kojima, who is known for their work in One Punch Man and Kill la Kill, and Kiyotaka Suzuki, who is known for their work in Tiger & Bunny and Psycho-Pass 2. 

The author of My Isekai Life is Shotou Shinkou. He is known for his works, The Unrivaled Reincarnated Sage of Another World: The Strongest in Another World Through Game Knowledges, The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest, and Isekai Tensei de Kenja ni Natte Boukensha Seikatsu. Several of his stories are worth reading if you’re interested in stories with isekai, reincarnation, fantasy, or action and adventure elements.


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