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Spy x Family Anime and Manga Differences

Spy x Family Anime and Manga Differences

It’s challenging to adapt manga or light novels into an anime series. Adaptors have to consider many things like information overload, or are the side stories or quests relevant to the main storyline?

Spy x Family is a hit manga series with an anime adaption that began airing in April 2022. While there haven’t been many episodes released so far, there are a few differences between this series’s manga and anime versions.

Loid’s Internal Monologues and Speeches

One thing that Loid Forger is known for is his deep thinking and internal monologues. We often see many inner monologues in the anime as he’s focused on his missions. However, in the manga, you will find more content in his thoughts and explanations.

For example, he explains to Anya that she must call him father. However, in the anime, he doesn’t explain why. Or, in the manga, when Anya draws attention to herself in the crowd, he wonders why she has to be conspicuous. But these thoughts aren’t included in the anime.

Different Settings and Scenic Objects

In some manga scenes, you will see Loid monologuing on a chair or in a particular position. However, in the anime, a few of these scenes were replaced with Loid loitering or standing around while he’s monologuing.

For example, when he brings Anya home, she sits in front of the television while he sits in an armchair. But in the anime, he stands in the living room while thinking of getting her some identification papers.

Also, there is a scene where Anya hides beneath a table when she becomes scared of an enemy ambush. But in the anime, she hides underneath a shop’s display board.

Anya’s Additional Monologues

While Anya is known for her very expressive face, you may not know that additional lines were added in the anime to make her thoughts more transparent.

For example, when she sifts through Loid’s spy gear, she’s singing about “bomby-bombs!” but in the manga, we’re just shown a thought bubble with a bomb.


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