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Home » Top 10 Obey Me! otome game, anime, and manga fun facts: Obey Me! Season 2 now streaming on Crunchyroll [Review]

Top 10 Obey Me! otome game, anime, and manga fun facts: Obey Me! Season 2 now streaming on Crunchyroll [Review]

Top 10 Obey Me

Obey Me! is a mobile otome game that centers on a human (the player) who is selected to become an exchange student at RAD (Royal Academy of Diavolo) – a school for demons. The exchange program has two demons being sent to the human world and two demons being sent to the Celestial Realm.

RAD is also welcoming two humans from the human world and two beings from the Celestial Realm. The player encounters seven demon brothers that each have their own unique personality.

1. Obey Me! is part of the Shall We Date? otome game series

The game app Obey Me! is part of the overall Shall We Date? series of otome games by NTT Solmare Corporation. Obey Me! has garnered over 5 million downloads! An otome game (Maiden Game) is a story-based video game targeting young women. The goal in otome games is for the female player/main character to develop a romantic relationship (or relationships) with one of the male leads.

Top 10 Obey Me

2. Obey Me! game inspires anime shorts

Obey Me! anime episodes are available for streaming on Obey Me!’s official YouTube channel and can be watched here:

Obey Me! Seasons 1 and 2 (which is currently releasing new episodes) can also be watched on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles. Funimation also streamed Obey Me! Season 1.

3. Who are the cast members?

Obey Me! Cast members include:

  • Kazuya Yamashita – Lucifer
  • Hirotaka Kobayashi – Mammon
  • Satoshi Kada – Leviathan
  • Shinya Sumi – Satan
  • Miura Ayme – Asmodeus
  • Kyouhei Yaguchi – Beelzebub
  • Satoshi Oonishi – Belphegor

4. Obey Me! inspires manga/comic

On the trial page for NTT Solmare Corp’s new MangaPlaza digital manga platform Obey Me! The Comic – a new manga based on the romance simulation game Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All has launched. MangaPlaza is a digital content library for manga and Japanese publications in the United States. MangaPlaza will offer titles from Kodansha and original titles that have yet to get English releases.

With a MangaPlaza subscription, you will have access to 10,000 creative works, which may include entire mangas, single chapters, or pages. You will also be able to purchase content individually. MangaPlaza plans to have Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, Chihayafuru, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime available in their roster. MangaPlaza will include a wide variety of genres such as: romance, action-adventure, comedy, drama, sci-fi/fantasy, and even titles for the LGBTQA+ community.


The manga’s first two chapters were launched in Japanese on Comic CMOA website and later on Mag Garden Kansai’s website.

You can read a free preview of the manga on Mangaplaza here.

The manga closely follows the beginning of the game with one very interesting change – the heroine has been turned into an adorable sheep at the very beginning! In order to break her curse, she’ll have to fall in love with one of the demon brothers and be kissed by them.

5. The player is an isekai heroine

The game begins with the player hearing a ghostly voice cry out for help, “Help me! I was locked up by a demon and you’re my only hope.” Right after that, the player is transported to the middle of a courtroom in Devildom where they encounter the devilishly handsome Diavolo – the Future King of Devildom and president of the RAD student council.

Next, Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, and 1st born brother introduces himself and explains to the player that they’ve been selected to participate in the exchange program and that they will be given certain tasks they must complete. The goal of the exchange program is for Devildom to strengthen its relationship with the human world and Celestial Realm.

Personally, my favorite is Lucifer due to the fact he’s so cool, calm, and collected. Lucifer also reveals that the player will be staying at a place called the House of Lamentation, which used to be a house that existed in the human world. A haunted house, perhaps?

Lucifer’s brother, Mammon, the Avatar of Greed, and 2nd eldest brother has been charged with being the player’s mentor. Mammon is considered to be the troublemaker of the group and loves money. Mammon has his adorable moments due to being a tsundere.

6. Demonic powers don’t influence the heroine

Later, the player is introduced to Asmodeus the Avatar of Lust and 4th eldest brother. Asmodeus questions the player if they’ll look into his eyes so that he can use his charm ability on them, but the player has a unique ability that is able to resist his charm ability.

Asmodeus is an incredible narcissist and is usually going around gazing at his own reflection in a hand mirror.

Satan, the 4th eldest brother, and Avatar of Wrath, is then introduced. Satan is usually busy reading forbidden spell books, which have unexpected consequences. If you’re into nerdy guys Satan is the one for you.

Later, Beelzebub the 6th oldest brother, who is the Avatar of Gluttony, is introduced. Beelzebub’s number one concern is, “What’s for dinner?” You’ll have to be careful that this particular demon doesn’t eat you! If you’re a chef you just might be able to tame this demon.

Eventually, you will be introduced to the last two brothers – the sleepy-headed Belphegor, and otaku Leviathan. If you give a pillow to Belphegor you’ll win him over while giving the newest Blu-ray anime DVD to Leviathan will win his heart. As an anime otaku, I know that Levi and I would get along really well.

7. The heroine is gifted a demon world smartphone or D.D.D.

The player is given a “D.D.D” which is basically the demon’s equivalent to a smartphone. With the device, you are able to call any of the demon brothers or send them text messages. The more you interact with the brothers your Intimacy Level with them increases. Next to each of the brothers’ icons is a number, which represents your current Intimacy Level with that brother.

Lucifer explains to the player they will need to polish up their soul in order to acquire the power to resist demons. Demons like humans with nice souls. Nice souls look like shiny jewels to demons. Demons use their wisdom and abilities to try to capture a human soul. Humans will be tempted by demons, but the demons will lose to a shiny, noble soul, and go running.

Top 10 Obey Me

8. The heroine is granted the power of the 7 demons

In order to begin your tasks, you click on an icon labeled “Nightmare”. Nightmare is a magic book app and the Royal Library of Devildom is in charge of it. Demon cards will allow the player to use the powers of the seven demon brothers! Memory Cards contain special magic sealed within. You’re able to summon 10 cards at first for free and each card represents a different demon with its own unique ability.

I ended up summoning the following cards: Leviathan – the otaku third born, Mammon – the scummy second born, Lucifer – the student council, Mammon – the Mammon way, Satan – the cynical fourth born, Asmodeus – the king of the party, Beelzebub – Do You Even Lift?, Lucifer – the Noble Demon, Leviathan – the Infamous Hallway, and Belphegor – the catnapping 7th born.

After that, you click on “tasks” that are shown on a map. On the map, you will see story segments and battle segments. Your goal is to finish all the segments. Click the flashing icon to begin a battle. Use cards with the same attributes to help you win (that means you’ll want to match symbols).

9. Battles are actually fun dance battles

If you win the “battle” you can win items. Check what the AP (Stamina) cost will be in order to battle. To battle, you will choose 3 demon cards. You can pair them with a “glow stick” to give your card a status boost in battle and choose a Memory Card to use a unique skill. A Memory Card will also increase the states of the Demon Cards you’re using.

Then, the battle commences. Did I mention that the battles are actually dance battles! As your chosen three demon brothers dance against three other demons little hearts will trickle down your phone’s screen. You’ll want to quickly tap on the hearts in order to get extra points. If you do incredibly well you will go into “fever time” and have to tap on stars for extra points. You can also sync special skills in order to get a Combo.

10. Raise your Intimacy Level by stroking their hair or feeding demon bros

When the dance battle is over you will get to meet a surprise guest. In order to ruffle the demon’s hair you swipe or tap over their hair on your phone. This will raise your Intimacy Level with that demon. You will also be able to give the demon a reward so make sure to get to know what favorite food each brother enjoys to have the best results.

Top 10 Obey Me

You also have a whip that you can use to punish your demons! Oh, my! But it is advised not to punish them too much and to make sure to reward them as much as possible when they do well. You will be able to interact with your Surprise Guest three times. Once you raise your Intimacy Level you’ll be able to unlock Devilgram stories.

Another cool feature is Devilgram – a popular social network in Devildom. You can click on the brothers’ icons in order to read stories on their individual feeds. You will need Story Keys to unlock certain stories. You can buy the Story Keys in Akuzan or rank up cards in Devil’s Tree and get them for free.

All in all, this is an incredibly addictive, fun, and interesting game. It’s surprisingly complex considering you just play it on your phone. The demon brothers each have their own interesting personality quirks that keep things highly entertaining. They’re also all incredibly handsome. The funny thing about this game is you’re not really supposed to choose just one demon brother – you can romance all seven demons at once! I’d recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of otome games or fans of the reverse harem anime genre.


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