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Food Processor in SkyBlox Roblox

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How to Get Crystallized Iron in SkyBlox Roblox?

What does a Food Processor in SkyBlox Roblox do? how can you get the ingredients to craft it? And how the food processor works?

Food Processor in SkyBlox Roblox – Recipe / How to Get?

The recipe of the Food Processor is: 3 Crystallized Gold + 5 Green Sticky Gear + 10 Steel Rod

The Steel Rod and the Green Sticky Gear will be easy to obtain, but the Crystallized Gold is one of the rarest items of the game.

You can get Crystallized gold by mining Gold nodes or by killing Buffalkors

Mining Gold Nodes

You will only find gold nodes on Buffalkor Island, and their spawn rate is 10%. But once you start mining a gold nodes the Crystallized ore drop rate is also 10%. So, once in Buffalkor island just find gold nodes and mine them util you get the amount of crystallized ore you need

Killing Buffalkors

Also in Buffalkor Island you can kill Buffalkors. They drop crystallized ore and the drop rate is 50%. You just need a sword and of course is funnier than hitting a rock

Food Processor in SkyBlox Roblox – Uses

The Food Processor is an industrial item where you can craft food, you just have to insert the ingredients and choose the item you want to craft

Food Processor in SkyBlox Roblox – Video Guide

Check this video from the youtuber Carbon Meister Plays, there are tons of tips about the food processor Auto Farm.

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