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How to Beat Level 16 in Apeirophobia

How to Beat Level 15 in Apeirophobia

How to Beat Level 16 in Apeirophobia – Step by step guide, both in text and video, to complete Level 16 of the Roblox game of Polaroid Studios.

How to Beat Level 16 in Apeirophobia

In case you don’t know how to complete the chapter and you need a walkthrough to help you, we’ll explain it step by step and in the next section we’ll leave it to you on video.

In Apeirophobia, Level 16 is extremely similar to Level 1. You will find yourself in another yellow place that appears to be an office. However, there is no light here today, and a thick black liquid that resembles glue drips from the ceiling. To traverse the area, you can use a flashlight or a camera. However, we urge that you use a flashlight.

To complete Level 16, simply find a way out. Entity, on the other hand, also resides at this place. If it spots you, it will kill you right away. However, if you are fortunate enough to take the appropriate path, you may not even encounter it. We urge that you flee to areas where this black “resin” has covered all of the walls and flooring. There should be ventilation there, allowing you to enter the chamber with the abyss. You will reach the Level 16 exit after crossing the abyss.

Video Guide – Walkthrough & Speedrun

In case any of the explanations is not enough and you are stuck at some point of Level 16, we leave you this video guide and Speedrun of Neekoft in which you will see how to complete it from start to finish through gameplay.

About Apeirophobia Level 16: Centered around the exploration and documentation. Stuck inside endless rooms, being watched from every corner. Brace yourself for puzzles to solve, and entities to hide from. escape from reality


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